Gas Milestone, Online Buzz and A Restless Night

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Good Morning,
It was a long night so this is going to be a short blog.

The News

Gas Milestone
The price of a gallon of gas is getting back into the reasonable range. So will we start driving more? Not so far.
I found it interesting to note that the price of a barrel of oil isn’t really the driving force behind the price of gas. Demand is doing more to drive price. Right now a barrel of unrefined oil is selling for more than a refined barrel of gasoline. That doesn’t make you a profit if you’re a refinery. Don’t worry, it will still be a great Christmas in Houston. Diesel is still sky high.
The problem with the price of oil coming down? It’s an indicator of an economy headed south for a long winter’s nap. The Dow fell another four hundred plus points yesterday. Ouch.

Online Buzz
Regina Lewis joined us again today for our Consumer News segment about 5:50. If you missed it, or if you just weren’t quick enough to write down some of the sites she highlighted…here they are:

For online shopping comparisons:
For ratings and descriptions of some of the video games your kids might want this Christmas:
For a site with listings of a lot of the events going on around the Metro:
And the one we didn’t really get to…the site that defines what good NETIQUETTE is: .

Restless Night
We were up most of the night last night. My cat is still sick but Sally seems to think he’s turned a corner this morning and the antibiotics are kicking in. I’m taking him to the vet again this morning. The problem? He didn’t sleep well, that means Sally didn’t sleep well. Our other cat doesn’t like the smell of the Vet’s office so she was up hissing at Gus all night. When there’s that much activity going on, let’s just say no one got a restful night’s sleep. So we hope he’s actually turned a corner this morning and that his fever is down and the fluid in his lungs clears up. I’m headed home to take care of that appointment.

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