It’s good to live in Des Moines

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Today the big story is Thanksgiving travel and the Thanksgiving bird. Triple A always tells us more people travel today than any other day of the year but you would never know it at the Des Moines Airport. Not because it isn’t busy, but because it can handle a lot of people and it’s not Chicago! This morning on Today in Iowa we interviewed Craig Smith, Aviation Operations Manager, and he said on average it only takes about 5 to 10 minutes to get through security even when it’s busy. If you have been through O’Hare lately you know it can take at least 30 minutes or an hour there. It’s one of the things I love about Des Moines… easy living.

Staying Home
Craig Smith made another interesting point this morning about holiday travel. He thought more people were simply driving to see family instead of flying because gas prices are so low. He thought that helped account for the drop in air travel out of Des Moines. He thinks it’s down about 10% this year which is about the national average.
Brining it is!
I got this great e-mail from one of our viewers about brining a turkey before cooking it. I am a Food Network addict and this year a lot of the shows are singing the praises of soaking your turkey in salt water before cooking it. I wondered if it really is worth the extra work and according to one of our faithful viewers, it is. Here’s part of what she told me… along with a link to a great recipe. I plan to try it and I will let you know how it goes.
Don’t know why I was sitting here so early reading blogs, but I saw you wanted to know if turkey brining works, and I have to say that it does with a huge YES! I saw the method explained by Alton Brown on the Food Network and decided to try it. Now I have to make two turkeys every year because we never had any leftovers with just one turkey! And moist…well I don’t have to say any more, because with this recipe, it just melts in your mouth. I used his cooking method too, and that combination is just the best I found. I did need to make a few investments in a couple of items, but it was worth the cost and is definitely worth the effort!

Of course, Alton Brown goes a little overboard on his recipe, which you can find on his food network site:

Speaking of the Food Network… I went to the Celebrity Food and Wine Expo on Friday night with some of my colleagues and we had a blast. Got to meet Curtis Stone from TLC’s ‘The Takehome Chef’ and Andrew Zimmern from ‘Bizzare Food with Andrew Zimmern’ on Discovery.
We watched Curtis Stone do a cooking demonstration which was pretty entertaining… even for Jeriann who had no idea who Curtis Stone was. Guy Fieri made an unexpected experience and kind of hinted to the audience that Curtis is getting his own Food Network Show. So, for all you Curtis Stone fans… you might be seeing more of him.
(Ericka, our morning show producer is on the left and Kelly Maricle, WHO web producer is on the right)

Hope you all have a nice Thanksgiving. I am traveling to Oskaloosa to visit family tomorrow and eat at least three versions of corn casserole that always turn up! Happy eats!


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