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Bailout, Three Dog Night and New Dad Boot Camp

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Good Morning.
If I looked a little sleepy this morning…I am. Last night I had The New Dad Boot Camp at Mercy Medical Center until 9pm.
I went in a little sceptical. It was worth a late night.
The class is run entirely by new dads, including some who brought their newborns in so we could get some “real world” practice. Of course I was the closest one to the baby when the diaper changing lesson came up. Interesting to get that personal with someone else’s baby you just met. Anyway, baby Evan and I survived. I got a good lesson out of it and he got a clean diaper. Everyone looked happy afterward.
I’m also a certified swaddler after watching a lesson or two in that…and our Veteran Dad David gave us a lot of great advice from a new Dad’s perspective. There are about a thousand books for women about pregnancy. I found three at Barnes and Noble for Dads. It was good to hear from a more familiar perspective, how the next few weeks and months may go.

It’s got to be hard to come up with a way to teach those classes because you get a group with such a wide variety of circumstances. I may be a Dad that’s looking forward to changing diapers or who knows a lot about newborns. There might a a guy across from me who’s wife forced him to take the class and really wants no part in the dirty work of child rearing.
I thought this group of Dads did a nice job.

To the News:
The automakers brought their Union muscle with them to Capitol Hill this time. They say politics makes strange bedfellows and I would say this is an instance where that’s true. That the Unions are now talking openly about making concessions should make everyone stand up and take notice. They may actually be serious about reworking this failed industry into some sort of a profitable business. Buying a car is a good metaphor for this whole song and dance. Congress asked for a better deal than the sticker showed initially…The Auto industry just came out of the manager’s office with a lower price. I expect Congress to make the Auto industry squeeze even more savings out before taxpayers put money in. At least that’s my hope. I expect Automakers and the Union to hem and haw about how they can’t possibly be expected to give anymore…then they’ll come out of the managers office and tell us they can’t believe he went for a lower price…

If I were GM Ford or Chrysler(maybe most of all the Union) I’d be really worried about the CNN poll we quoted this morning showing two thirds of the American people don’t support the bailout. No one’s buying the idea that the country will spontaneously combust we let these guys go belly up. I’m not sure the poll’s respondents have a firm grasp on the economics, but they sure can smell a raw deal.

Clear your Walkway
It’s the right thing to do but more importantly, your neighbors might nark you out to the City.
The ordinance gives you 48 hours to get the snow off your walk in most cities. In West Des Moines it’s 24 hours.

Generation Iowa
The recommendations of this panel to keep and attract younger people to the state are:


I would be interested to hear if you think this covers it. Frankly I think the State also needs to more aggressively market itself. I think most people outside the state wouldn’t be able to identify Iowa on the map. Note: We’re the ones with the corn not the Potatoes

I think there are a lot of people in bigger Cities who might consider a move if we could get a marketing campaign out to some of these big city dwellers who might be looking for a little bit more affordable lifestyle.

Register Cuts…

I imagine everyone in every industry is doing the same thing this morning. Looking around and wondering if they’re next. The Register is just one more example of a business that made job cuts. I am thankful for my job, and I am hopeful our business can avoid the same fate as so many others. I’d never wish that anyone lose their job, but I will be particularly sad to see Brian Duffy go. He’s a talented artist but his real talent may be drawing what we’re all thinking.

Three Dog Night

Jeriann likes to assign words to describe her forecast that alliterate the particular day of the week we’re talking about. Terrible Tuesday, Wicked Wednesday…etc.

Thursday is a tough one when you’re trying to describe bitter cold. I looked…there aren’t too many words that describe bitter cold and start with the “th” sound of Thursday. Jeriann went with”Teeth chattering”. I suggested “Three Dog Night”.

I also asked if anyone knew what that meant. Our viewers never cease to amaze me.

Bobby Lovell from Fairfield wrote:

Patrick, It has to do with up in Alaska, the people up there had sled dogs and when it got cold they would bring their dogs in to keep them warm. A three dog night would be extremely cold.

DC Bland Wrote:

Inspired by an Australian Aboriginal custom of sleeping with a dog for warmth on a cold night – a three dog night would be very cold, plus the band had 3 lead singers

I didn’t know this until this morning but DC’s version seems to be the more popular origin of the idiom

Of course it’s also a band of some note. Joy to the world.

On that note…Hope you have a good day…it’s going to be another Three Dog Night.



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