Icy Start, Marriage Defined, Three Day Weekend

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Good Morning….
Thanks to Dan and Elizabeth for filling in Monday morning. They do a great job on the weekend, I hope some of you who may not have sampled that show will do it now that you’ve had a chance to see a great team on the air.
Brooke is still off, it was her Birthday Monday so she was enjoying some time with her husband. I was in Chicago with my wife for a baby shower. More on that in a bit…
To the News:
It’s a lot easier to come back to work on a day when there is a lot of news. Today fits the bill and it started overnight with some ice that turned to snow. Dozens of Central Iowa Schools are closed or delayed. It may seem like a hasty decision given the amount of snow, but the ice and snow combo makes the roads too dangerous. Add to that the blowing snow and wind we’re sure to see and you can understand why some of the Superintendents chose to shut it down for the day.
The argument over the state’s role in defining marriage goes to the Iowa Supreme Court today. It’s a case that’s sure to get national attention. We’re covering it for noon. Most of you have heard my take on this one. If the state is going to hand about a license for fishing, hunting, marriage, whatever…you have to have the same rules apply to everyone. This is not a religious argument , it’s a legal one. Either way, I’d expect this one to go to the US Supreme Court.

Gov and Budget
The governor will define the cuts he’s making in the State budget today. We should know more for the Noon. We will also have an item about Kentucky’s Governor who’s taking a considerable pay cut to set the example. It would be interesting to see if our governor and some other state leaders will do the same.

Update: as of the writing of this blog, the Governor of the State of Illinois has been arrested on Federal corruption charges. It’s about time!
A House Divided

The bad news is Missouri got the whupping it so richly deserved this weekend in Kansas City. I knew it was going to happen, but anytime someone hangs sixty points on your team, it’s embarrassing.

The good news is this means Missouri will be playing Northwestern in the Alamo Bowl. I cheer for NU during the regular season because they never play Missouri. Now we will have some serious disagreements the night of December 29th. For those of you who are unfamiliar with both teams: Northwestern is the team that just looks smarter than everyone they play. Missouri is the one that can’t spell it’s own name. M-I-Z…..Z-O-U!!!!!

Three Day Weekend
It was Baby mania in Chicago this weekend. We are lucky to have wonderful family and friends who were all very generous with their support and gifts. We’re sneaking up on having enough stuff to actually have these children in our home. Here are a few pics from the shower. That’s Sally, her Mom and my Mom. Sally and our friend Emily. She’s due just about the same time Sally is but she’s carrying just one at a time (also a boy!)

This is a quilt we’ll use as a wall hanging. Sally’s Grandma Penny made it for us. Penny has decided she’d like to be called GG from now on. Great Grandma.
And finally, our friend Colleen gave us a Cubs outfit and Sally’s brother and his wife gave us some cubs and bears outfits…all we need is some MIZZOU wear and some Northwestern Outfits. At least my boys will know who they’ll root for. No White Sox fans in our house.
Now all we have to do is put a room tether where these kids can sleep…oh yeah, and Sally actually has to have then babies. We hope that happens some time after Valentine’s Day.
Hope you had a great weekend.
Stay warm, we’ll see you back here tomorrow.



  • Sara

    Great pics Patrick!! Thanks for sharing. Hope everyone is staying safe in central Iowa. Over here in the eastern part it’s not so nice.

  • lizzy

    enjoyed the pics. I won’t be blogging very often from work – restrictions were put on as so many people were shopping and streaming music and it also means I cannot access the channel 13 blogs. So I will be reading – but not until late in the day. Keep up the good work!

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