Winter Weather Buffet, NASCAR to Newton Take 2, and Christmas Kindness

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Good Morning!
Well you know the forecast is bad when you’re praying for 7 inches of snow instead of the quarter inch of ice that’s been in the forecast.
As you can imagine the phones are ringing off the hook here this morning with early dismissals. I talked to sever Several school Superintendents who are trying to make the best decision for the safety of their kids. They’re doing this based on our forecast and as many of you probably heard Jeriann say this morning…even a little movement of the system this afternoon will make a BIG DIFFERENCE in the kind of precipitation we see.
I just talked to JR and here’s a quick little tip she gave me about tonight. Here in the Metro, if you see snow falling already at 5 or 6pm, we’re going to get more snow than ice.
If you see freezing rain, buckle up, we’re going to see the exact forecast she told you. To the south she’s predicting more ice. In isolated pockets…like fort Dodge, you’re going to get whalloped with snow.
We’re gearing up for tomorrow morning. Brooke and our Producers are making phone calls to make sure we have the latest information tomorrow morning.
I have to say, these kinds of days are the ones we really look forward to coming into work. Our show is a lot of fun for us when we just fly by the seat of our pants.
The issue for us tomorrow morning will be getting into work. Wish us luck!

The Newton Speedway did it again! They got a Camping World Truck Series Race (formerly Craftsman truck series)to go along with their Nationwide series race. This is a big deal for a place no one thought would even be open three years ago.
Great news for race fans.

Christmas Kindness
A few weeks ago I told you we had to put our cat down. Not a nice Thanksgiving in our house because of it. Anyway, just this week we got a wonderful Christmas gift from the people at our Vet. I wrote here before that they are the only people I would trust to care for our pets. I still strongly believe that, but they are also simply wonderful PEOPLE. We received a gift, a sort of remembrance from them in the mail yesterday. It just confirms for me how much they care for the people and the pets that come to them for help. A lot of people can be good at their job but it’s a rare and special person who is so dedicated to their work. The folks over at Jordan Creek Animal Hospital fit that definition.

So I hope everyone has the supplies and things they need to ride out a storm. We’ll be on the air quite a bit in the next few days. I hope we’re helpful. If not, let us know how we can be.


  • lizzy

    I hope all of you have a safe trip into work early Friday. If its too bad, I will be hanging out with all of you at y home! Gas in the blower and gas in the generator. Bring it on!

  • lorrie

    Amazing that your meteorologist can be off by 12-15 hrs. or more and still be considered good meteorologists. What other job allows that margin of error.

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