Week Ending Weather

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Good Morning
What are we going to talk about this morning….lets see. The President is addressing the nation right now about the Auto Bailout. The guy known as “Deep Throat” from the Watergate scandal is dead at age 95; and the President Elect is going to announce the final members of his Cabinet.
With all of that going on, weather remains our focus and for good cause. The storm slowed down but it did exactly what the meteorologists said it was going to no. Snow, sleet ice and freezing rain were all part of the weather picture and pretty much in the proportions we expected. The good news is that some of the ice fell in pellet form. Bret described it looking like a snow cone truck tipped over. It was bad enough that closing school today was probably the right thing to do.

At the Airport, flights were getting back off the ground today, but the people who’s flights were canceled yesterday will still need to find a way to get to their holiday destination. Add to that the fact the Chicago’s O’Hare Airport is getting hit hard with weather today, and you can see why anyone traveling over this weekend may see some residual effects of this storm.

I hope you all stay safe and warm this weekend. We’ll be home getting the boys room ready. Sort of. I think…maybe.

Six days to Christmas!

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