School Cuts, Presidential Lunch, Dads and Kids

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Good Morning…

The world has been turned on its head…life may never be the same…the Earth may not continue spinning on its axis…

They moved the coffee machine.

The idea was to hook up the coffee machine to a water line…we’d been using bottled water to feed the coffee machine. Anyway. You quickly find out how much your morning routine is ingrained in your head when someone changes the location of a place you visit several times a morning.

We’ll try to adjust…but it will take a group effort.

To The News
School Cuts
The Des Moines School District has some hard choices to make. The budget cuts at the state level trickle down to the School District’s budget and that means Des Moines needs to cut three million from it’s budget. They think they can do it without staff cuts this year but that probably won’t be the case next year. Important to point out…this isn’t the result of mismanagement of money…the state is telling Districts it has millions less that it thought. School Districts now have to adjust.

Presidential Lunch
Who wouldn’t want to be a fly on the wall for this one? President Bush is hosting a lunch for all the living Presidents. I wonder if it will be pleasantries or if these men will get into a real debate over the course of the Nation. If I’m President-Elect Obama I don’t want to know how the Carter’s handled Amy going to school…I want to know these four men’s thoughts on the Middle East, The Economy etc…
Also in Washington

They’re going to charge us less for our music and we’re now going to be able to share it among the computers and devices we own. Does this mean I get a refund on all the music I’ve picked up on iTunes?

Dads and Kids
Did we really need British researchers to tell us that Men determine the sex of a baby. Even I remember that from biology class. The research goes further saying lineage also determines how likely a man is to pass on a particular gender. Men with sisters are more likely to have girls and men with Brothers, more likely to have boys.
It worked with me. 2 brothers, 1 sister, 2 baby boys on the way. I follow my brother’s lead. 3 boys for him too. It works for Brooke too. Eric has two brothers…Evan is the result.
The Problem is, My dad has 6 sisters and a brother…He had three boys. Jeriann’s husband has sisters…no brothers. They’re having a boy. This just seems crazy to me. What practical purpose will this information contribute to? I’m sure there’s a larger purpose for the research. It just makes me think of all of the research we hear about that seems to have no purpose. How much money could the Federal Government save or redirect into more practical purposes if we cut out stuff like this?

The Men’s Room
We’re getting it painted today. I can’t say how glad I am to be getting this off our to-do list. I’m also glad to be getting the horrid blue color I picked off the wall. I’ve never picked a color for a room and had it turn out the way I imagined. Good thing Sally picked this color. And who comes up with the names for the different shades? We were deciding between Marshmallow and Downy. Anyway this get us on the way to actually building cribs which I think happens this weekend. We keep going like this and we might actually be prepared for two babies in our house.

Have a good day!


  • Slicktop

    I am a male with 6 older sisters and 3 older brothers all from the same mother and father. I had 2 sons. My next older brother had 5 daughters. The next older brother had 1 boy and 2 girls. My oldest brother and wife were not able to have children but adopted 2 boys. I wonder what the British Researchers would make of that…

  • sara

    I only had one baby at a time and I wasn’t prepared for either one. It didn’t help that they both came early! But, it’s all good. Keep in mind that all a new baby needs is diapers, a few outfits, a place to sleep and food to eat. Hopefully you have or are getting basinettes or pak n plays. Then you don’t need to worry about cribs for awhile. It’s easy to get caught up in all of the extra things that you need for your babies…but it’s just a lot of things that clutter up your house. I’ve learned that the hard way ;) Just enjoy your babies when they come and hold them a lot. They get big too fast and won’t want to snuggle anymore~

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