Deep Freeze, Texting Teen and On-Call from Now On

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Good Morning…

I’m not going anywhere without my cell phone for the next month or so…check that…for the next few years.
I left the house Tuesday morning at 3am as usual. I thought everything was OK…grabbed my cell phone and left as usual.
As soon as I walked in the door at work, they told me Sally had been trying to call. My phone shut off somehow when I get into the car and she couldn’t reach me.
The punchline here is that I ended up leaving work and we ended up at Mercy again.
This time for a bit of an extended stay. The babies are fine but the Docs (and the expecting parents) would like to make sure we don’t meet these kids for another three or four weeks at least.
Neither of us like the idea of Sally in the hospital but the Docs are calling the shots at this point.
I slept pretty well Tuesday night with the knowledge that the excellent staff at Mercy was taking care of Sally. The nurses and Docs were great. They always are. Sally came home yesterday but will be taking it easy.

So that’s a semi-explanation for my blogging absence.

Deep Freeze
If you don’t think this is cold…I would advise you go see a doctor. Your brain could be frozen…hypothermia could be setting in…you may not have much time…GO GO GO!!!

The cold is no joke this morning. All of the Metro school canceled by late Wednesday evening. Now I have to say…I heard a few parents complaining at the gym and I really don’t understand. I’m guessing the Administrators of these Districts wanted to give parents as much time as possible to set up arrangements for their kids. If they were likely to close anyway…having more time should be a good thing. Still, parents were complaining that “those idiots in the weather department” were forcing the schools to close again. Well, that’s not true, but I’d remind people of this. Not every kid has a Columbia Jacket to wear to school, and not every kid’s parents can drive them to school. A walk in weather like this without the proper gear can physically hurt a kid, and it’s just not worth the risk. We haven’t seen temperatures like this for the last 15 years! Closing school for extreme cold once every 15 years is tolerable.

Texting Teen
A 13 year-old in California must have sore thumbs. She sent more than 14-thousand text messages from her cell phone last month. Don’t worry, her parents are smart. They got her an unlimited texting plan. The sad part about this story is that she often was texting her best friend, WHO WAS SITTING RIGHT NEXT TO HER! At first blush I’m sure some parents think giving a kid a cell phone is a smart idea. Use only in emergencies right? It’s a great way to keep in touch but it also is contributing to kids not being able to communicate. My Father -in-law is fond of saying that his grandsons won’t have their faces permanently stuck in the heads down position as they text or play games with a cell phone, PDA or Gameboy. I agree in principal but I imagine it’s a lot more complicated than that when it’s actually your kid and you are trying to keep the peace.
It’s been quite a week so I’m glad it’s coming to a close!
See you tomorrow.

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