Yogurt in the morning, Blogging at Noon and Scheduling an Arrival

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Good Morning!
Fun show this morning. We were all a little more relaxed for some reason…Jeriann says she was feeling pretty good this morning, which, at this stage of her pregnancy is not the norm.
She reports the Docs are scheduling an arrival by early next week if she doesn’t labor before then. I saw the comment from last week’s blog that asked if Sally and I had our twins yet and the answer is no.
Sally is actually on bedrest for the duration of her pregnancy She is receiving excellent care from all of the medical professionals we’ve used. I can’t tell you what a comfort that good care is…
The boys are healthy and don’t seem all that concerned. Sally’s Mom was here this weekend to help us tie up loose ends at the house. We are grateful for the help and for all of your well wishes.
That’s also the reason I’m missing some blogging or blogging later as I am today. Forgive my tardiness. I’ve got some things to tend to.

Deal or No Deal
I guess the Gov decided it wasn’t that great of an idea to leave a couple billion dollars on the table by leasing or selling the Lottery. If it was just an idea that was being kicked around…good for the Gov for trying to think outside the box. You come up with crazy ideas when you do that, and maybe this was just a crazy idea that got out. On the other hand, there are a lot of people who seem to believe this was a way for the Gov to help out some big campaign contributors by handing them the cash cow that is the Iowa Lottery. You’d like to think he wouldn’t knowingly do something like that. In any case it seems it won’t happen.

Blago Gone Wacko
Lemmie get this straight, Blago tried to compare himself with a loner Cowboy wrongfully accused of a crime? Governor, respectfully, this is not something you can get out of by going on the View. He just looks crazier and creepier every time you see him talk.

It’s fitting this clown hired the same PR firm that’s defending Former Chicago cop and alleged murderer Scott Peterson. These two are peas in a pod. Every time they open their mouths, people all over America have their opinion solidified, “Oh yeah these guys are goin to jail.”
Even if Blago didn’t do anything technically illegal (and I think he probably DID), he has been an embarrassment to the State of Illinois for years now.
Where there is smoke, there’s fire and this guy has swallowed enough of his own smoke to qualify for the next Cheech and Chong Movie.
My only question is who will he take down with him before he goes to jail. There’s no way an ego maniacal quack like the one portrayed in the indictment is alone in his corruption and there’s no way he’s selfless enough to go down without taking some more people with him.

A final Thank you this morning to our floor crew. they do a great job but sometimes I don’t listen…this morning you got a good look “behind the scenes” when we came out for our weather forecast. I was eating and either didn’t hear our crew telling us we were coming back, or I was talking and distracted.
In any case you saw the secret to all of us staying upright in the morning. Through our shift we all graze on food. If you ever heard one of us try to clear a frog in the throat…it’s probably because we’re sneaking a sip of coffee or juice or we’re snacking on a breakfast bar or some yogurt. In any case…I just decided to keep eating…once you bust me what’s the point in trying to hide it?
Enjoy your day!

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  • Steph

    Good morning Patrick. I was wondering how far along is your wife and at what week did she go on bed rest? My sister is due with twins so I’m just wondering for her. Love your blog!

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