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Bruce Rastetter for Governor

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Move over, Bob Vander Plaats. Two days after Team VP 2010 announced his intentions to begin the process of running for governor, another man may be stepping up. According to Iowa Statehouse Republican sources, Bruce Rastetter, CEO of Hawkeye Energy Holdings, plans to make his presence known in the statehouse Wednesday, the same day and same place Governor Chet Culver delivers his budget address. Rastetter plans to meet with house and senate caucuses to talk strategy and issues for the future. His money helped elect some of these Republicans to office.


  • Anonymous

    He’s not running. He’s just throwing his weight around.It’s tough to win a GOP primary when there are public records showing you donate to Democrats.

  • Dave Mastio

    I don’t know who he has given to, but from time to time, the best Republican in the race is a Democrat. I think I learned that lesson in Nebraska in about 1988 when I volunteered for Ben Nelson against tax-hiking Kay Orr.

  • Anonymous

    I went to school with Bruce at the U of Iowa. Great guy! He loves Iowa! You should all be honored. Run Bruce! Kris from NJ.

  • Anonymous

    I lived on the farm next to Bruce's father where he grew up near Buckeye and I say “Hats off to Bruce!”

    I am real proud of him for what he has accomplished. He has an genuine interest in Iowa!

  • Anonymous

    He represents a company that doesn't care about the well being of there people. Look at the lawsuits, plus the company has $761 million plus in debt. Great rep for IOWA. LMAO

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