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Super Bowl Day II

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I’m not sure I’ll be wearing any brown shirts anytime soon. U.P.S. hasn’t exactly won us over so far this trip. We mailed our gear in three packages: our camera tripod, our videotape editor and our light kit. The deliverers in brown were supposed to bring all three items from Des Moines to my in-laws in Tampa where we are staying by 3pm Thursday. Our editor arrived about 6pm. Our tripod arrived about 3pm…today. Our light kit? It’s still not here. That’s a big problem when we are reporting live at night…when it’s dark! We have been told our equipment is in Orlando.

We did a little celebrity sighting at the media center in downtown Tampa. Here are some of the famous football players we saw: Joe Theisman, Rod Woodson, Randy Clark, Shannon Sharpe, Justin Tuck, Nate Newton, Michael Irvin and Brian Billick. There were some others we were pretty sure were players, but we just couldn’t think of their names. It’s a lot tougher without their jerseys on.

Michael Irvin and Shannon Sharpe totally blew us off for our requests to talk to them. Brian Billick and Justin Tuck couldn’t have been nicer. We also saw Jared, the Subway guy. We didn’t try to interview him. Ross the Intern from The Tonight Show with Jay Leno stood next to us. He carried a pink football. Does that surprise you?

We may have missed the biggest drama. Several family friends say they saw Dennis Rodman led out by security from one of the malls here. Sorry we missed you, Worm.

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