A good, but depressing movie … something old & something new … Valentine’s Day

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Happy Monday!

I hope you all had great weekends. Mine was filled with food and movies. Let’s start with the movies. Michael and I went to Revolutionary Road at the Fleur. I loved this movie, even though it was awful. By awful I mean tragic and sad. We’d heard that it was depressing, but neither one of us knew just how depressing. Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio are both amazing and I would highly recommend seeing this film, but I would definitely NOT make this a date movie. It really sapped all of the romance out of our outing. Sunday night we rented The Assassination of Jesse James. I’ve read in numerous publications that if you liked Brad Pitt in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, you’d also enjoy this movie. It’s long. Nearly three hours. It was good, but I’m not a huge fan. It might have helped if we’d started it earlier in the evening, or watched on a night when we weren’t thinking about the alarm going off the next morning.

The something old and something new in our weekend revolves around food! As part of our date night on Saturday, we went to Mojos on 86th. I’ve had a gift card for a couple of years, but since this place is way off the beaten path for us we’ve never gotten around to eating there. It was great. Well worth the trip to Johnston. I highly recommend the escargot appetizer. Sunday we were terrible and ate out twice. Both outings were to places we love. The breakfast outing combined old and new for us. It was a trip to The Waveland Cafe in Booneville. We’ve been going to The Waveland on University Avenue in Des Moines for years, but this was our first time visiting the western location. Lucky for us, everything is the same. If you’ve never been … go. Order the “Everything hash browns.” Heaven. For dinner we went to Great China on Hickman Road in Urbandale. You just can’t go wrong here if you’re craving Chinese food.

All this eating out has me feeling like a blob. Luckily, we have a “skinny mirror” here at the station. You know what I’m talking about … the kind of mirror that makes you look about a foot taller and 20 pounds lighter. The first time I walked past it when I started working at Channel 13 I thought “Dang! I … look … GOOD!” Then I caught my reflection in a “real” mirror in the bathroom. Talk about a letdown! Unfortunately there will be no skinny mirror through which others will be viewing me in six days. That’s when Michael and I leave for a Florida vacation. It’s our Valentine’s Day gift to each other. I don’t know about you, but that sounds way better than flowers, jewelry or chocolate …. even if I’m not bikini-ready.

Have a great week!


  • Megan

    I had to respond today because I agree with you on Great China. Chris and I love that place! Eating out is our one weakness… but it’s good for Des Moines restaurants.We rented “The Assassination” just a month or so after Nate was born. I could not stay awake for it. It was too long and I was too tired!And please share with me on the location of this skinny mirror! I would love to breeze by it sometime :)Hope all is well in the evenings! Miss seeing you guys in the afternoons.

  • Lisa

    Glad you liked The Waveland out in my neck of the woods (I live in Van Meter to jog your memory :-) And we have such great tastes, the Everything Hash Browns are what I get every time we go – I LOVE THEM!! You run around so much, you don’t need to worry about a skinny mirror! Have a great time in Florida…I’m jealous!!

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