Pay cuts, Fighting for the Exclusive and Weird Weather

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Good Morning…
It’s definitely a Monday around here. We were all a little flat this morning but I hope it didn’t show too much.
I wanted to thank the Skybox Lounge for hosting the Leukemia Lymphoma Aces Up Poker Tournament Saturday. I got to play some cards with some great guys and had a lot of fun. Too bad, I had to leave early because I had some guests come into town. I was doing pretty well. Anyway it was for a good cause and I was happy to participate.

To the news:
City Cuts
However insignificant they may seem to some people, it’s at least a symbolic gesture that the City Council and Mayor are taking a pay cut before they decide on cutting jobs. A lot of you may know this but for those of you who don’t, City Council Members and the Mayor don’t get paid some exorbitant salary for their work. It’s a full time job, and most people on the Council have a “real job” they do in their “spare” time. The pay cut they’re talking about isn’t going to save the city a ton of money, but I think the simple act of taking the cut is important.

Fighting for the Exclusive
The behind the scenes of this morning’s Network news was almost as interesting as the stories themselves.
The Today Show did day 2 of 3 promoting it’s interview the mother of the octuplets.
CBS’s Early Show extended it’s Katie Couric interview of the US Air crew to day four. Many of you will remember that The Today show thought they had the pilot of that US Air flight a day or two after the accident. The interview was “delayed”, but then CBS stepped in with a better offer, whatever that looks like.
So this morning we had dueling exclusives and I’m left to wonder if anyone cares as much as we build this stuff up. The US Air story is as compelling as it gets. The interview with the Mom is something I think a lot of people are curious about. It’s the buildup that I think can turn people off sometimes. I’d like to know what you think.

Weird Weather
I walked out to the car this morning and was pleased to see the temperature gauge at 35 degrees. When I saw Megan’s forecast I almost had to laugh. We’re talking about thunderstorms today and the possibility of snow later in the seven day. Welcome to Iowa in the winter. I’m glad for the warmth this weekend but the resulting muck left by the melting snow is pretty gross. The lawns look bad, the roads look bad and we track everything with us into the house. C’mon Spring!

That’s about all I’ve got this morning. I hope you all have a good start tot eh week.


  • lizzy

    I have no interest in giving the woman with the babies any more attention – she’s gotten too much already.While the crash in the Hudson was heroic – I have also moved on from this story.I’m more concerned with the local and state budgets and some of the laws being considered.

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