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A-Rod Apology,Never Give up on Your Team and Why Brooke’s the Bomb

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Good Morning

The set was full of a wide range of topics this morning thanks to our news headlines. We’ll get right to it.

Sally and I started a conversation last night after news of the A-Rod apology broke. What do you say to a kid who’d idolized this baseball player for the past few years? This is probably old hat for you parents by now, but as a soon to be Dad and Mom we struggled with it.

We talked about what we might say to our kids…”people makes mistakes, and you should apologize when you do.” Nobody’s perfect.
We also talked about not putting athletes up as examples of how a person should live their life.We talked about cheating. We asked each other what we might say if one of our kids was left off a team or out of a competition, even though he knew one of the kids that made the team cheated.
After a wide ranging conversation we were left with the conclusion that our kids are not going to like a lot of what we have to say. What’s more, we’re not going to make their lives any easier by asking them to live by our rules.

I’m far from perfect, and I think my kids will understand that, but I try to make sure I’m putting my best forward each day, and in each commitment I make. One thing I took away from my own relationship with my parents growing up…they were not my friends…they were my parents.
I didn’t always like them, I didn’t always want to listen to what they had to say. The funny part is, that made it much easier to be friends with my parents when I grew up.
Brooke has some good thoughts and I’ll let her add them rather than trying to speak for her..
Never Give Up on your Team
Speaking of advice I’d give my kids…
I wrote here before that I was having a hard time getting into the college basketball season. Not anymore. I am officially jumping on the MIZZOU bandwagon. I say that because I haven’t watched Missouri basketball for a couple of years. They’ve been rebuilding and I wanted to give them some privacy. But last night was Big Monday on ESPN and the bi-annual border war between Missouri and Kansas. This game is a lot more fun in my house because I have two siblings that went to KU. So I texted my sister and brother to remind them of the game. My sister laid down a little text smack…and by tipoff we had a bet. Dinner to the winner.
I went to bed around eight thirty…halftime of the game and MIZZOU was down my 16.
I was pretty sure I owed my sister a night out. To my surprise this morning, The Tigers pulled it out in the final seconds and, for the next few weeks at least, bragging rights are mine!
More importantly, I have something to cheer for come tournament time. I was hoping we could time the boys arrival to the first week of the NCAA tournament but alas…I think they’ll be here a lot sooner.

Why Brooke is the Bomb
Sally and I had dinner courtesy of the kitchen of One Brooke Bouma last night. It was a Beef Stroganoff kinda casserole thing and IT WAS GOOOOOD! Brooke is one of the people who’ve been helping Sally and I out during the final few weeks of her pregnancy. I’ll explain more after we’re done being pregnant, but it’s been a challenge. Brooke and other friends like her have made it a lot easier for me to be a good/supporting husband, and spend my time concentrating on my wife and her health. Thanks Brooke!
Have a Good Day…

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  • C-Marshalltown

    As I’m sitting at my desk eating celery, I am looking at the picture you posted of Beef Stroganoff. Brook, could you share your recipe with us? (Or bring some to my house?) My husband would flip if I actually came out of “kitchen retirement” and cooked something like that. Yummy.

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