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Real Estate Reality, Lolo, and A Change of Plans

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Good Morning…
I’ll skip the niceties and get right to it today.

Real Estate Reality
We had a good discussion during our breaks about the housing market ad the Obama Administration’s plans to bail out struggling homeowners. Andy Fales did a story last night the sparked the discussion. It was another story about the reality vs the myth of home buying.
A Real Estate agent said she felt like the Media was at fault because we scared so many people out of buying homes. It’s a really good time to buy. That was her message.
I’d agree…the “Housing Crisis” they’ve seen in places like Arizona, Nevada, Florida and California hasn’t ever translated fully here to Iowa. It’s probably because the state is a little more conservative financially speaking.
That said, to suggest the Media in some way “created” this crisis is crazy. It oversimplifies the problem to suggest a false sense of fear is what drove sales of homes down. Irresponsible buying and lending created the crisis. There are some people who overbought. They’re in homes they never should have been looking at much less buying, and the banks, let them do it.
I can’t imagine what these people were thinking. When Sally and I bought, we looked at what we could afford a month…utilities, insurance, expenses for owning…then we bought based on that number and the amount we could put down. Our Real Estate Agent showed us homes in that range. Sure we wanted a home that was bigger, but we couldn’t afford it.
People are finding zeros at the bottom of their retirement balance sheet, they’re looking at costs that are rising, and jobs in jeopardy. I think they might ACTUALLY have a few things to be concerned about.

I get that some Real Estate Agents might feel the need to blame someone for their slow sales. It’s their living, and it shows a certain sense of their own fear. The housing boom made a lot of good Real Estate Agents GREAT money, and made some really bad Real Estate Agents look like they knew what they were doing. That’s not my opinion…ask a Real Estate Agent that’s stilt doing well these days. They” tell you the same thing.

Every time you think Lolo Jones tops the “good person” scale, she finds a way to outdo herself.
SHE TOOK HER WINNINGS FROM A HUMANITARIAN AWARD AND GAVE THEM AWAY!!!! I love it. I hope I can act more like her. I hope more people will follow Lolo’s example.

A Change of Plans
I’d planed on being at work tomorrow and then taking a few days off.
The docs tell us it’s time to meet these boys.
We were scheduled for tomorrow afternoon. That’s been bumped up to tomorrow morning.
I could probably work and then make it back to the hospital in time but I think my wife would appreciate me not risking it. We’ll send off pictures as soon as we can.
Before I venture off into he unknown here I wanted to fill in some of the blanks about these past few weeks. My colleagues at the station, our friends and family deserve a huge debt of thanks for their accommodations over the last two months of this pregnancy.
An employee couldn’t ask much more from his employer. Mine has shown me they truly believe my family should come first in my life. The team at WHO has (often) had to pick up my slack when I could not devote full attention to work. They never complained and I know I owe them bigtime.
I want to also take a minute to say a public thank you to the staff and particularly the Nurses at Mercy Medical Center. Sally has been on bed rest at the hospital for about four weeks now and there is simply NO WAY we could have done it would the support and care they’ve given her. They’ve made it possible for me to stay at the hospital with Sally anytime I want (most nights) and have been as accommodating of our needs as they can be.
We owe them so much. They’ve given our boys a much better chance at a healthy start.
So it’s time. Time to meet the best gifts we’ve ever given each other.

Thanks again for all your well wishes and advice.
I’ll say again what we observe so many times covering this state: The people here in Iowa are some of the kindest, in the world. We are lucky to be here.
Have a good day!


  • Brenda

    Congratulations Pat and Sally….I’ve seen you two at Starbucks in WDM several times. What a striking couple you make!! Those little boys are going to have the best parents. Your TV family is very excited. God Bless all four of you. Can’t wait to see the pics and get their names, weight etc. Prayers abound….

  • Natalie

    I wish the best to you and Sally. After all Sally has been through I bet she is ready to begin her journey into motherhood. My sister was on the 3rd floor for 2 months and they welcomed their beautiful twins, a boy and a girl, into the world just a few weeks ago. I’m looking forward to see pictures!!

  • Lisa

    We will be praying for you, Sally, and the boys – being a parent is the hardest and best job you will ever have. As a Chicago transplant myself, I have to agree with you how wonderfully kind and generous people in Iowa are. You will be raising your kids in the best area ever. We can’t wait to get all the details – enjoy this time, it will fly by!!

  • Lori Ann

    GOOD LUCK to you both, Patrick & Sally! You and your boys are in our thoughts and prayers! We are looking forward to seeing the first pictures of your newest family members! God Bless…

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