As the Prevailing Wage Turns

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It’s day three of the prevailing wage sleepover at the Iowa statehouse. The vote still stands (as of 3pm) 50 “for” and 47 “against”, meaning the Democrats remain one vote short of passing their plan. Early tonight, one of the missing lawmakers, Rep. Greg Forristall, is supposed to show up to vote. But the Macedonia Republican isn’t in for a “yes” vote, so that still doesn’t help make the math work for the Democrats.

We talked with one of the five Democrats who originally voted against the bill. McKinley Bailey, of Webster City, sure doesn’t sound like he’ll switch before tomorrow. He said he hasn’t heard from Democratic leadership to try to push him the other way. But he adds he hasn’t checked his phone, which is full of voice messages. When we asked him whether leadership could try to more than “gently” persuade him, he said he was shot at twice during the war. So he says he’s not easily intimidated.

Here’s a little non-statehouse Sunday distraction for you. Country star and former college football player, Toby Keith, performs before thousands tonight at the “Well” in Des Moines. Let’s hope he doesn’t have to kick a little a$@ like he did at this concert after a drunken fan threw beer at him and flipped him his “favorite finger”.


  • Margaret Kling

    The Democrats did not get what they wanted at Friday’s session.So in juvenile fashion, the speaker of the house is ‘holding his breath until he turns blue in the face because he wants – wants – wants’.Government at its best!

  • Scott

    With all the reporting concerning the “weekend sleep-over” at the Statehouse, let’s hear a little more. While there have been those that have stated it’s a strong-arm tactic (with which I agree), I have not heard how much this is costing taxpayers. Everything from keeping the vote open to how he’s getting/paying for his food. Let’s find out, please.

  • Diane

    I would like to know how much of our tax dollars the Iowa house is spending on the Democrats “temper tantrum” of a sit in.

  • Steve

    What is the cost to state for these people to hold this longest section at the capital.what a waste of our money when the state is already broke.

  • hammer

    I am a small business owner and operate in central Iowa. With the state cutting budgets and jobs, with layoffs galore all thru the state. How can our state even suggest this there is only one thing this bill will do and that is cost the tax payers more money as for I bid these jobs so I know it cost more. As a business owner I end up making more money on these types of jobs but that’s not right to the tax payers. I strongly suggest a no vote on this issue if we have our tax payers in mind here.

  • Anonymous

    Bailey is such a hypocrite. He spoke at meetings during his run for election and told every one how much of a supporter of working people he was. He had no trouble accepting our time when we walk neighborhoods knocked on doors and called our friends to support him. Now that he is in office and the time has come to support the people that supported him, Baileys vote is no where to be found. What good is a man if he can’t stand by his word.

  • Dale Jeter

    Of all 50 states, Iowa is near the bottom in wages. How can working Iowan’s and Legislators oppose “prevailing wage” legislation that would at lease assure some workers that they are being paid fairly and equally for their skills? Is the goal of anti-fair-wage legislators to be the lowest of all 50 states in wages? Will they then want Iowa’s workers wages to be equal to Mexico’s, China’s or India’s? Iowa workers that support anti-fair-wage legislators, unbelievable and incomprehensible.Dale Jeter

  • Anonymous

    Dale – We won’t have to pay them the dirt cheap wages they do in China and India.If prevailing wage passes, they’ll just move the jobs there instead.Way to go unions! The NUMBER ONE cause of outsourcing strikes again!

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