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Delaware Drama, Barbie Bashhing and Why the Coffee Maker is Dissapearing

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Good Morning…Yesterday it was the cups…today it was the top of the coffee carafe. I can’t explain why but this morning when I went to make coffee, the top of the coffee maker was missing…no big deal, we can still make coffee and all, but it was just a little odd. Is Mr Coffee being repossessed? Are Thieve Geniuses trying to make off with the coffee machine one part at a time? Thankfully I was able to collect myself and discovered the top of the carafe hidden in a cabinet under some of the coffee supplies…why? I have no idea…but the coffee stayed warm this morning so I don’t care.

To the News:
Delaware Drama
If the “he said, she said, he said” going on over firings at the Delaware Township Fire Department isn’t enough to get people out to vote there I don’t know what is.
Local Government controls a lot of the money you put into the system. If you don’t know what your local government entity is doing, or who’s controlling that Board or Council…you might want to spend a little time getting to know. Especially here in Iowa, people who serve in local government are pretty accessible. Most take calls at the their home or on cell phones. If you don’t let them know what you want how are they supposed to represent you?

Barbie Bashing
This topic got a lot of the in break conversation this morning. A West Virginia Lawmaker wants to ban Barbie from the state. He thinks the doll teaches young women to focus on their image too much.
Ok, Lets put that debate aside for a second and focus on this question instead:
What force of nature is responsible for putting these stupid ideas in a lawmakers head when they take thier oath of office?
We do it here in Iowa too. This can’t be something that the people of West Virginia sent this guy to the capitol to accomplish. Does he really think his constituents are sitting around thinking…”I know the economy isn’t good and thousands of people are losing their job but if we could just fix that problem with Barbie…”
This is the kind of thing that makes people think politicians are empty suits instead of engaged public servants. It’s also another reason to pay attention come election time.

First Visit
The boys are two weeks old today. It seems like a million years ago we were in the Hospital waiting for them to arrive. Today will also mark their first visit to the Doctor. We’ve got a list of questions that have been running through our heads and keeping us up at all hours of the day and night. Hopefully the doctors and nurses can answer them…
Then we can come up with another list of things to worry about.
At least it’s a nice day for a car ride.
Hope you all get out and enjoy the weather.

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  • flipper614

    Pat,Politicians, in general, now are empty suites that will say and do anything for a vote. We are seeing a paradigm shift now between the people and the establishment. The classes are no longer conservative and liberal, or moderate, but are in fact us versus them. The barbie comment is, no doubt, stemming from a request from a big donor or something like that. Our liberty and freedom is being eroded at an astonishing rate and there is nothing we, the people, can do to stop it now. The people are going to have to wait at least 2 years before they have a say in what is happening with their government and their tax dollars. Why we keep electing the same tax and spend bunch at the federal, state, and local level is beyond me. the Barbie comment is proof that my comments above are true.BTW, start to DVR House and 24. DVR’ing golf is a given for you. That should take up enough space and time in between feedings.Cheers~!

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