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March Madness, DOA, and A Doctor’s Visit

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Good Morning,

March Madness
Call me what you will but I’m officially a bandwagon hopper for my Missouri Tigers. After a win that capped a perfect season at home against #5 Oklahoma, I’ve solved the problem I’d posed to bloggers weeks ago. I have a team to root for during the tournament. Speaking of the tournament, Andy and Sean are in St Louis this weekend for the Missouri Valley Tournament. Girls basketball also continues…

In our, Useless Legislation of the Day file: The Iowa House voted to change the name of the Department of Elder Affairs to the Department of Aging. For those of you who don’t do acronyms well…that’s DOA. That’s also the acronym for “Dead on arrival”. The Department says it will simply be DA, but DOA is more likely to stick.

Once again I say, If you’re not working on legislation that helps get people back to work, keeps them safe or gets the state more money…I don’t want to hear about it this session.
It’s a bad idea, if for no other reason than it will cost the state money to replace signs, desk nameplates, business cards, stationary. Will the Department make a new logo? At what cost of time or resources?
And maybe the biggest question…who cares? Since when is calling your Elders…your Elders offensive? I’d go for the change if it was the Department of the Decrepit, Office of the Infirmed…maybe the Association of the Ancient.

Mom of 8
Do the new 9-1-1 tapes of the octuplets Mom really push anyone to the conclusion that she’s probably not mentally fit for the job she’s got ahead of her? When I say that I mean…Weren’t we all already there?
This is not going to end well for anyone and the American people are going to watch it as if it’s some Soap Opera fiction. It’s not…and the kids are going to end up being worse off in this reality.

Car Seat Advice
Can someone tell me how I can get a rear facing car seat to sit level in a car with an angled backseat? We have a Honda Pilot and the little orange indicator on the car seat is telling me the base is sitting at too high an angle. I guess the result would be that the boys heads could flop around more easily.
I stuffed a towel under the base and it helped…the indicator on the car seat is clear and my kid is safe, but now the seat takes up too much room so I’m forced to put my seat forward in the front. This may not end up being safe for Dad. Any thoughts, tricks?, has anyone run into this before?

Doctor’s Visit
We had our first one yesterday with the twins and wouldn’t you know it, one of the boys “christened” the doctors room when we got him undressed for his examination. I’m sure it’s not the first time it’s happened, but it was all over the place.
When I was packing that Daddy diaper bag for the first time I grabbed a handful of diapers thinking…”this is a lot more than I’m ever going to need for a doctor’s appointment.”
I’ve amended my thinking on that and am preparing a bag that would get my children from Kathmandu to Everest Base Camp for our next excursion.
Have a good day.

Hey everyone… It’s Brooke here. We are starting a new segement tomorrow called “Financial Fridays” and we need help! We are asking viewers to e-mail questions about anything financial, whether it deals with a budget, your credit score or where you can get coupons and free stuff. We’re going to ask an expert some of the questions and he’ll answer them on-air. Let us know if you have anything you’d like answered.

I am also thinking about the next recipe to post tomorrow. I am thinking something sweet. I have a cupcake recipe and Megan Reuther said they taste like a little slice of heaven. I’ll post it tomorrow. Hope you all enjoy your day. I cannot wait to get outside. I know Evan is going to go nuts!



  • Kim

    I recommend going to a fire or police station & have them install the base for you. something little might be a tiny bit off. :)

  • Tiffany

    We had the same problem with our first daughter. The towel did the same thing to the drivers seat when my husband was driving [I’m small so it didn’t affect me]…so we moved her to the other side of the seat. Obviously not an option for you :) Have you tried a pool noodle? Not quite as bulky as a towel, but might be just enough to prop the seat level. We also double attach both of our girls’ seats: with the seat belt as well as the latch system. Makes us feel a smidge better if there were an accident. Darn angled seats.

  • icesissy

    I would suggest you have the diaper undone but still in place until the clean diaper is ready to be put on. As far as the doctor’s office use a small washcloth over the area.

  • Patrick Dix

    Thanks for the suggestions guys…here’s a sign of tight budget times. I called Des Moines Police and asked if someone would check out the installation of my carseats. The officer told me they don’t do it anymore. The officer told me the traffic officer who used to make appointments to install the car seats is now back on patrol. The towel seems to work…we’ll see.Thanks also for the advice on the diaper…I think that’s SOP for parents…but at some point you have to pull that old diaper away…then you better be wearing a raincoat.

  • Kristin

    Not sure if this works any better than the towel, but I've heard of several people who use them. don't have the problem with the seat being unlevel, but I still have to move my seat way ahead and we drive a mini van. All I can say is that it gets better when you switch them to a convertible – even if it is still rear facing.By the way, I'm super quick with diaper changes and don't let them sit there, but I've definitely had the experience of being both sprinkled on and even worse. It happens no matter how quick you are! I've also had several presents left in the bathtub for me too! Just part of being a parent :-)

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