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Purple Reign, Fallon Failin’, Twitter what?

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  • UNI will Dance! The Panthers nearly equal Drake’s magic carpet ride of a year ago, winning both the regular season and conference tournament titles. Let’s see if UNI can surpass Drake’s NCAA “one and done”.
  • Osiris Eldridge was out of his mind. He made at least two shots from the concession stand. UNI vs. Illinois State was an Instant Classic.
  • Andy texted early in the championship game that he thought more UNI fans would be in St. Louis. Maybe there was a teachers’ convention somewhere else.
  • It is startling to watch Iowa on TV and see all those empty seats—especially on weeknight games.
  • The Hawk fans who did show Saturday, saw a thrilling win against Penn State. Jake Kelly took it to the bank. It’s been a good year for Iowa when Penn State visits Iowa City.
  • Jimmy Fallon is talented, likable, and eager to please. I’m rooting for him. However, Fallon had a rough first week replacing Conan. Not everyone can host a good talk show (see Chevy Chase, Pat Sajak, Magic Johnson… many others), but the ones who are great at it (see Letterman, Leno, Ellen) make it look so easy, most people don’t realize just how hard it is. Fallon prepared for months and the first week still had many terrible, unfunny skits (the chair was a low point), awkward interviews (Deniro), and guests more comfortable than the host (Justin Timberlake, Tina Fey). The Roots are a highlight, as was “slow-jammin‘ the news”, and it’s always a treat to see Van Morrison live. Way too early to give up on Fallon—took Conan months to find his footing—but a reminder late night is littered with talented failures.
  • U2’s live performance of “Magnificent” on Letterman shows the World’s Greatest Rock Band has another classic.
  • Why is it no matter how many times you tell kids, they put an empty jug back in the fridge? The only thing more annoying is when they pour a glass, but leave an eighth of an inch of lemonade so they have plausible denial about why they didn’t re-fill the jug.
  • Colin is now 5, and the little guy kind of likes a girl in his pre-school class, but Colin announced at dinner Friday night, it’s not going well: “Her say, ‘I hate you. Get out of my life!” You can’t make this stuff up.
  • Will Ames High School need make-up days for all this missed school?
  • Why does Paula Abdul clap like a seal on American Idol?
  • I’m now posting scattershot thoughts throughout the day via Twitter. I don’t even completely understand it, but you can follow my stream of consciousness on Twitter at keithmurphy13
  • Is Ed Hightower at every game on your TV too? Or is it just mine—some kind of Hightower Network.
  • Saturday Night Live, please stop with the MacGruber. MacGruber jumped the shark when it became PepsiGruber for the Super Bowl.
  • The Rock Obama was funny.


  • Anonymous

    Keith – remember this quote from your Feb. 22 blog?“UNI won’t make the Dance. Neither will anyone else. (men’s tourney)”Gotta have faith.

  • Anonymous

    Yes, Ed Hightower is everywhere. Seems like every-other night doing a Big 10 game,on this blog,and a picture on Jon Miller's blog. Just a comment about a great girls state tournament. What happened to the size of the trophies?? Those things used to be like three feet tall! Now there the size of a Big Chief Notebook! It looks like something you could buy from the Bob's Trophies & Things in Pleasant Hill.You would think that the girls union & Farm Bureau could afford something better; after all the union is charging pep band members $8 to get in.

  • Anonymous

    Ed Hightower was judging Dancing with the Stars last night, and gave Shawn Johnson’s rack a 10.

  • Anonymous

    I think I have the other 5 year old Cassanova of the world. Another parent told me that he proposed to her daughter at preschool…and she has accepted.

  • Shawn

    Come on Keith, MacGruber hit an all time high this past week with the actual MacGyver playing his Dad!! THAT was an instant classic!!—I would not be surprised to see the Hawks win a game, maybe even two, at the Big Ten Tourney. I also wouldn’t be surprised if they lost by 10+ to Michigan. The pains of a young team. I still think they will be in the Dance next year.—You’d think that with all of the time he spends in front of a camera, Jimmy Fallon would not giggle like a schoolgirl everytime he looks at it.

  • Kirk Diggler

    I don’t normally watch American Idol, but I didn’t have control of the remote tonight. Kelly Clarkson just sang a song called “Life would suck without you”. You would think she would be talking about a guy or a close friend or relative, but I think she was referring to double bacon cheeseburgers.

  • mcbrewski

    Oh, man, everyone is just halarious with their comedic revelations! Kelly Clarkson’s fat! Jimmy Fallon is untraditionally informal! A high school teenage girl’s rack! Nice going anonymouses.-Of Men and anonymice

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