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Senator Grassley Does Republican Response to President

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President Barack Obama is spending too much of your money and taxing too much of your income. That’s the gist of Iowa Senator Charles Grassley’s Republican response to the president’s weekly radio address. Although, is it even correct to call it the weekly “radio” response anymore, since the president and the republicans always record the same message on video, too? Ah, technology..


The sprayer on our kitchen sink exploded everywhere. The part that connects the sprayer to the hose cracked and water shot up like a geyser all over the light that hangs over the sink all the way to the ceiling! I kept putting it back together. And each time, it blew up again. We went to the store to buy a new hose, but we couldn’t find one that matched. So we bought a whole new faucet, since we didn’t really like the old one. Then we stopped at WalMart to take back a vacuum we just bought two weeks ago that broke already. The guy at the service counter, who was extremely nice, had problem after problem. We couldn’t find the serial number on the vacuum box. Finally, I held up the vacuum so he could see the number. And he typed into his computer. We picked out a replacement vacuum. And, again, we couldn’t find the number on the box. So with about a dozen people waiting in line behind us, I, again, lifted up the vacuum out of the box and held it up so he could type in the number. After we finished, we stopped at a Chinese place for takeout on the way home. It smelled great. I put in on the counter when we got home. It leaked everywhere, all over the floor, the counter and in the broken sink. We ate dinner and then I tackled the sink. Well, the sink tackled me. Water went everywhere. And after two hours, I still couldn’t get the one line that connects to the sprayer hose disconnected from underneath. Today, we called a plumber. Did I mention yesterday was Friday the 13th? Was it ever!

At least “Friday Night Lights” was a good show. Again!

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