Twittering, No Rest for the Wicked, and Pat’s Drinking Problem

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Good Morning…

What kind of Uber-idiot pours himself a cup of coffee and then doesn’t screw the top on to the travel mug he’s using? Apparently…the kind that anchors a morning newscast on WHO.

I went to take a sip of my freshly poured cup this morning and poured it down the front of my shirt. That’s gonna leave a mark.
At least I missed the tie…at least it happened in the last commercial break of the show. So if I look like I have a new shirt on at Noon….It’s because I do.
On to the news:
New Conference
The Presidential Press Conference last night didn’t have any major headlines. The Chicago Tribune thought the president struck a more somber tone to offset the lighthearted week he’d already had on the networks. Any thoughts?
A friend emailed me this quote from an exchange the President had with a reporter last night…they asked about the AIG bonuses and why he didn’t comment on them sooner. The President apparently replied: “”Because I like to know what I’m talking about, first.” Good policy.
BTW check out the New Yor Times Op Ed page. A Top AIG official resigned Tuesday and they published his resignation letter. Food for thought.
Sweet 16
Congrats to Iowa State. It’s all coming together for the Clones. They’re playing well and the upsets in their bracket aren’t hurting anything either. Iowa state moves on to play Michigan State. The Spartans upset #1 seeded Duke in the second round last night. So it’s off to California.
Speaking of Sweet 16, Missouri plays tomorrow night. I didn’t realize that. I thought they played Friday. If I look like a truck ran me over on Friday Morning…now you know why. The game doesn’t even start until 8:30.
Three weeks until taxes are due. it’s on my “to do ” list. We had a guest this morning. For a guy from the IRS he was pretty good. He said last year 40% of Americans still filed their taxes using the mail-in form. This year e-filing is free so you don’t have any more excuses. He also said if you e-file you can expect a return in less than a week. If you file the old fashioned way…it could take a month and a half.
Twitter Me This
So I got into it with one of our Associate Producers this morning about Twitter. To my understanding this is a mechanism, with witch, you can convey your thoughts at any given time to the people who are your “followers”.
OK I see some practical applications for this, especially in our business. Dave Price says he gets a much faster response from sources, particularly the political…if he just uses Facebook and twitter. Good Nuff. Murph is Tweeting (did I use that term right?). I can see that cause most of the stuff that comes out of this guys mouth is either the funniest or the smartest thing I hear in a day.
But for the rest of us, when did we develop the need for this level of communication? I tried to get someone to explain this to me and they talked about how these “tweets” go out to people instantly…Wikipedia describes Twitter as:
…a social networking and micro-blogging service that enables its users to send and read other users’ updates known as tweets. Tweets are text-based posts of up to 140 bytes in length.”
Sorry, I thought we called that TEXT MESSAGING! or Instant Messaging! The super slow version would be called EMAIL!
I still don’t get it.
Do I really need to broadcast my mood change at every turn of my day? Do you need to know that I feel sad that I lost a sock in the dryer…or that my day would be less stressful if I hadn’t poured a cup of coffee on myself? I relay these kinds of stories to you on the blog and I’M barely interested in them.
In fact if I didn’t have a large Irish Catholic family I’m not sure this blog would get half the hits it does. Yet there seems to be a lot of interest in hearing the innermost thoughts and feelings of a lot of people via Twitter.
You know what I think there’s a lot of interest in? Wasting time. You have to ask yourself where this stuff goes on and the answer has to be..At work. I wonder how much productivity we could gain if people just did their jobs and didn’t spend so much time on Facebook or Twitter. Practical uses aside…the need to stay “connected” to each other is getting a little out of control.
I know, I know…Facebook helps people reconnect and if I just try it I’ll love it…
I may be missing out, but for now I choose to keep my tweet shut.
I’ve got to get back to my iPod and check emails.
Have a good one


  • Lisa

    Patrick – I used to think the exact same thing about Facebook, but I joined to quiet a few persistant friends. Now I am hooked – it’s hightly addictive!! You can control how much info others see or what you want to know about them! I have caught up with so many friends from high school, people that I haven’t talked to in years, friends that have moved away, relatives in other states…but I do agree with you, as I am not one of the ones that updates my status every time the wind blows. Give it chance, Patrick – I think you would enjoy it!

  • flipper614

    Pat,All this talk about AIG and still nothing about Freddie and Fannie. “Retention bonuses” at Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae SCHEDULED for their executives until March 2010 in excess of 200 million…….(whatever the number is, it does not matter) If we, as a collective, are going to be “outraged” at things we should at least be consistent. Our President and his administration have known about the bonuses at AIG at least since September! (remember TARP 1??)Obama voted for the bailout as a senator!!! Now he is president and is “outraged” because he “just found out a few days ago” that bonuses of $165 million were being paid??? Please….spare me the drama of outrage and concern!! Quite frankly I’m sick of it!! Don’t mistake my comments as angry. I’m not! I believe that people need to understand the truth of the matter and focus on themselves to get us, as a collective, out of this mess that we are in and stop looking to Obama as a savior to us all. Government is not the answer, it’s the problem. Government does not invest. It takes from one group and gives to another. Private business invests in things and creates the wealth that this country has earned. when we figure that out, we will be on the road to recovery! Until then, we’ll be on a roller coaster. That’s my 2 cents…..BTW, you might want to start carrying a “tide stick” with you going forward….Cheers~!

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