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ISU, Dancing, and Random Thoughts

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We’re out of Styrofoam cups at the coffee maker. Not a problem for those of us who use a travel mug…sort of. I still use a Styrofoam cup to fill my travel mug. I can’t get my travel cup under the spout…

It’s funny though, when the cups start to run out it’s every man for himself around here. Brooke keeps a stash of cups in her desk drawer so she gave me one this morning. Knowing my co-workers I knew if I left it by the coffee machine, the cup would be gone in about ten minutes when everyone else realized there were no cups. So I hid my already used cup in the cabinets above the coffee maker. That didn’t work either. Megan walked in before her 6am weather asking of coffee stains come out of clothes. She found my cup reached up to take it out of the cabinet and a few of the leftover drops of coffee fell out of the cup on her jacket. Sorry Megan.

To the News:
Last night I wanted to to turn the channel and see the ISU women pulling off a huge upset but I knew the more likely reality was that they would be down. I was right. Here’s the thing. If you are a women’s college basketball Head Coach and you get a dominant post player…you’re golden. 90% of the schools you play are not going to have an answer and that was ISU’s problem. They’re a good basketball team. Stanford has a great player. I’d like to see that game played without Stanford’s center on the floor. I think we’d see more of a basketball game.

I was flipping back and forth between the basketball and Shawn on dancing with the Stars. I had to record the last part cause she went last. I thought the judges were right. It was a dance I thought she’d be great at because of her gymnastic abilities. Instead I found myself thinking I was watching a gymnastics routine and not a dance. It was still one of the better performances of the night. Last. Who picks the costume? It looked like a cross between Richard Simmons old show and the old uniforms for the Laker Girls.

-I’m thinking of watching the ER finale. I haven’t watched the show for the better part of a decade. I just couldn’t watch anymore. After weeks of helicopters crashing into the front doors of the ER, “El “trains burying a city block and people getting their appendages torn off…I concluded the daily kind of “real” drama was gone from the show…along with Anthony Edwards, George Clooney, Julianne Margolis and William H Macy. That said I watched that show religiously for a long time. I feel like I may need to see how it ends.

-I had a good experience with an Iowa business yesterday. I’m not going to go through he whole thing cause it started with some problems…but I finally got a hold of someone who said, “Thanks for giving us the chance to keep your business”. It’s that simple. I just wanted to hear someone say that. This was a matter of a competitive price at another company. I wanted to stay with the company I use currently and told them I’d be willing to pay them the same price and keep my business with them. The thing is, so many companies don’t empower the people who answer the phone to make that decision. You have to go to a higher up to make it happen. In this economy why wouldn’t you?


  • Justin

    I wonder if there’ll be any comments about that cigarette tax story that you aired today…Raising taxes on cigarettes sounds like a good idea, but it won’t be long before legislators decide to tax something else that’s bad for your health that YOU enjoy (fast food? pop? BEER?). I hear too much sun is bad for you…will they start taxing swimmers at outdoor pools and public parks to discourage them from enjoying themselves?I personally think the bigger issue isn’t whether we need the government to get more involved in social engineering, but instead whether they should be cutting spending to make a balanced budget!

  • Justin

    Forgot to mention another point: What happens if the government policy is 100% effective and, as a result of the cigarette tax increases, all smokers quit? What would then make up for the budget shortfall that the tax revenue was originally intended for?…by the way, I’m a non-smoker!

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