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Iowans Hope in Government

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Saturday, several hundred Iowans tea partied to protest that their government is overstepping its bounds and spending too much money (more specifically, the Democrats in charge of the federal and state governments.) Sunday seems like a theme of hope in so many ways. For Christians, Easter Sunday is likely the most hopeful day of the year. Barack Obama used the campaign message of hope throughout. But Iowans, according to a new poll in the Easter Sunday edition of the Des Moines Register, don’t seem to have all that much hope in the President’s signature issue so far, his economic stimulus package. Nearly 70% of Iowans, according to the poll, are skeptical. That’s more than two out of three Iowans with doubts about trillions of dollars in spending. At one point will that show of hope need to be stronger so that voters don’t lose hope in Iowa Democratic candidates next year at the poll?


I heard the country song “Commitment” by LeAnn Rimes on the radio today. Would that song be ironic for a married singer who’s now been busted by the tabloids for cheating on her husband with her television co-star? Maybe the word, commitment, had a different meaning to her when she sang it at 16.


  • Anonymous

    I have two issues to address. What has happened to respect? Has it gone entirely away? I am so upset that people do not give anyone a chance before they start running them down. Obama is one instance. People who just want to have a relationship acknowleded is another. What is next? Let us all realize and respect everyone, no matter their beliefs and voices. This used to matter.

    Yes I support the Gays marriage right.

    Yes, I support Obama. He is our leader. It did not take long for the negative comments to start, did it?

    Yes, I support Government and voice my opinion. I don’t just complain or whine.

    More of Iowans need to do the same thing. Words can make a difference…a positive one.

    Thank you.

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