Cael, Keith and Andy and Opening Day

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Good Morning…
I’m a jerk…I mean a class A JERK. For the last two mornings I’ve left my wife with a crying baby and gone to work. The funny part is, the overnight feeding went off without a hitch. The three of us are like the Isisserettes… coordinated and always moving. We finished up feeding and changing in record time. No one threw up and I didn’t spill half the bottle on either of the boys. I got them upstairs and wrapped back up in these baby bags with the Velcro. I changed into my work clothes and had my foot on the top step when JT let out a wail!
SO much for my good job getting the boys fed and settled. Unfortunately Mom had to bear the brunt of the screaming this morning. She’s a trooper but she also got a cup of Starbucks to get her through.
It may take more than that this afternoon. We’re going to for the 2 month check-up today. I think she may cry more than the boys will from the shots.

To the News
Speaking of Crying…
I think cyclone fans will be crying if Cael Sanderson actually leaves Iowa State. Our sports department again proved why they are, without a doubt, the best in town. The report is that Cael interviewed twice at Penn State. if you think about it it’s not that crazy. He becomes a head coach at a school where he’s the only game in town. In fact he’d have the entire east coast to himself. The part no one around here can figure out is why a guy who, to this point, has been completely loyal to one school would want to move on?

Speaking of our Sports Team
How many of you are going to tune in to KXNO if you’re in the car around 2-4pm Monday? This will be, hands down, the smartest sports talk show in Central Iowa. Keith and Andy both make the list of “smartest people I know”. Add to that a passion for sports and you have the makings of a great call in show. They already work hard, and long hours. It makes me feel better knowing they’re both doing something they love.

Opening Day
I grew up watching baseball in Wrigley Field, I love most everything about it…but for my money baseball is best at Principal Park in the summer. I can’t wait to take my boys, grab a beer, eat a hot dog and take in the great product on and off the field. I remember the day I interviewed for this job. I noticed the park from one of the taller buildings in town and remembered the I-Cubs played here. It didn’t seal the deal, but it sure didn’t hurt. Go Cubs.

Twitter Makes You Stupid
A study at Ohio State showed students who didn’t use Facebook or Twitter had better grades than the people who did. The difference was 3.0-3.5 and 3.5-4.0 respectively. My response: Who cares? If you’re pulling a 3.0 in college and have time for a social life that includes Facebook Twitter…you’re probably going to end up being a more well rounded person than the student who pulls the 4.0 but can’t hold a conversation. I’m all for good grades but I think sometimes life gives to the best lessons outside a classroom…and that’s what college is about sometimes.

I’m going to go finish my fifth cup of coffee for the day, eat a tuna salad sandwich and do the Noon News. I hope you all have a great weekend!


  • rosorio

    Hello Pat!
    It sounds like you and your family has a routine well established. I am glad the boys are doing well. I was out of the state the first time mine was sick. I felt pretty bad. The vaccines are a good way to prevent them from becoming ill. The first check-up was painful for us. The way we approach it was that we rather have a 5 minute cry than a week long hospitalization from something preventable.

    The 13 facts are very entertaining. I visited Atlanta Georgia a year and a half ago and the ABC affiliate had an anchor named John Backman. I assumed that he was related to our John Backman. Congrats to Lynn and her husband. It is truly a blessing to have a child. I made a note to myself to not mess with Sonja and Elias.

    I use my facebook account to keep up with everyone at the same time. I don’t join the groups or answer the topics that potentially will have my identity stolen.

  • Lisa

    Caught the commercial this morning Patrick & Brooke did about Jeriann coming back Monday – FUNNY!! I loved the one a few years ago for the Iowa/Iowa State football rivalry when Elizabeth knocked Dan out of his chair, and this one ranks right up there – I laughed out loud!! Whoever thinks up WHO's commercials is a brilliant brilliant person!! “Didn't she leave to sell real estate??” I get it, and it's funny!! Great job! And let me be the first to say WELCOME BACK (to the morning shift)JERIANN!!

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