Fallon vs. Culver, Part 2

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The feud between former Iowa Democratic gubernatorial foes continues to fester. Former Democratic lawmaker Ed Fallon complained Governor Chet Culver’s office doesn’t respond to his phone calls. Culver’s office responded with a statement that said Fallon is just mad because Culver won’t give him a job. Today, Fallon said he wasn’t looking for a job. He already has one, he said. Fallon sent out a message to his followers, which he says includes dozens of emails from supporters who also rip on Culver. Here are some of those comments.

“What you are saying out loud and in public is the same that I have been hearing said in private and off the record conversations. Trust me, you are not alone in your opinion of Mr. Culver.”
“I understand what you’re talking about. Yesterday, I sent a letter to the State Democratic Party saying that I will not vote for Culver again or any state Democrat until they start following the platform. I know a lot of people who feel the same way.”
“Thanks for putting in writing what many have been thinking/feeling since his administration began. It is nice to have an advocate for the voting public.”
“I so agree with Governor Culver being inaccessible. He needs to listen and work on what is important to Iowans.”
“I’ve been profoundly disappointed in Governor Culver. All too often, he appears to be governing from a ‘status quo’ vantage point, or at best from a ‘how can I generate the least opposition’ vantage point.”
“I’ll vote for Culver if he’s the only one running against a Republican. But he’s playing in the middle of the road too much of late, trying to have his cake and eat it too.”
“We’re among those highly disappointed by his behavior since gaining the office of governor.”
“I hope I don’t have to vote for a Republican at the next election, but I will not vote for Culver. What a disappointment! (And my expectations were already very low.)”
“I know that I have written to you about my disappointment in Culver, and with his lame response on the Supreme Court’s decision on equality for marriage it has deepened.”
“I don’t have much hope of Culver being re-elected, even though it might mean some really bad-policy Republican like King or Rants replacing him. I think he’s made so many enemies, esp. on the liberal Dem side, including labor, environmentalists, and folks like me, along with losing the enthusiasm of the gay community and activist groups like CCI, that while he may not get active opposition from them or even a serious primary opponent, his Dem base will be so disenchanted he’ll never get the turnout he needs to win.”
“I know you are not planning on running for governor as many will suspect with this public confrontation with our sitting governor but something has to be done to get him to move on his promises to work with you.”
“Thanks for your activist approach regarding this situation with Governor Culver’s office. I think too many times citizens find that they are not treated with respect or equal rights. You present a positive model of challenge. Good luck with your efforts. I support you.”
“I agree totally with you. I have lost interest in the Democratic Party elections because I don’t want Culver or Boswell to rerun.”
“Did you really expect any different Ed? You know what kind of politician he is. With him the interests of big donors will always trump those of his actual constituents.”
“Speaking ill of Culver isn’t criticizing a fellow Democrat. Culver lost that credibility long ago and in our opinion should be contested. It’s likely neither of us will vote for either of the next gubernatorial candidates, and I’ll bet we’re not alone.”
“I’ve decided that I just cannot vote for the “lesser of two evils.” If we get a Republican governor because people won’t vote for Culver than that should be a wake-up call to Iowa Democrats.”

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