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Presidential Visit, Your Money and Doughnuts…

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I woke up this morning with this odd craving for Dunkin Doughnuts.
Brooke says it’s because I’m so tired. She says your body craves carbs when you get so tired. I want a box of doughnuts.
I also need a tube of glue….any glue. Does anyone keep glue around anymore?

To the news:

Presidential Visit
President Obama comes to Des Moines on his way to Newton today. I don’t care what your politics are, you should swing by the airport and take a look at Air Force One. It’s pretty impressive.
He’s coming to talk about earth day. To me this is a little like Valentine’s Day. Sally and I always laugh at Valentine’s Day. Isn’t it a lot nicer to get a card, flowers or something thoughtful outside Valentine’s Day?

Your Money
Just so you know financial firms including Citi and automakers including GM spent 10 million dollars in the first three months of the year on lobbying. They were lobbying against limits in executive pay and limits on how the money can be used. I am the first person to defend a company being able to operate how it wants to…In this case…I’m now a BIG shareholder and so are you. I think the lobbying should be pretty high on the list of things that get cut.

Get out to Jordan Creek tonight if you can. They’re doing the Pole Vault event again in the main concourse of the Mall. it was pretty cool to watch last year.

Spring Cleaning
At some point this week I’m going to have to get out and clean off my porch. It’s the best feature of our home in the summer and I can’t wait to get the boys out there. It looks like the weather will be nice enough by the end of the week to sit out there. After a winter sitting in our little house…it will be nice to get some fresh air.

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