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Waiting for President Obama in Newton

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I just finished my live shot for our noon news. I would Say there are about 100 invited guests here behind me at the Trinity Structural Towers in Newton. I’ve seen about a half dozen state legislators (will the legislature accomplish much today or will the stalemate with the governor keep dragging on?), Iowa Democratic Party Chairman Michael Kiernan, former Iowa First Lady Christie Vilsack (her husband, Tom, the U.S. Ag Sec will arrive with the president) and several dozen employees of Trinity.

12:10…Governor and First Lady Culver just arrived.

These towers Trinity make are huge. 30 feet tall, at least, I’d guess. These are the bases for the wind turbines. There are also dozens of bundled up packages holding the wires for the machines. They must be 25 feet long or more, as well. Maytag used to own this building. Several people inside here told me Maytag used to make sheet metal here. The building would seem to offer quite a symbol for Newton. Gone are the old manufacturing jobs from Maytag’s washer and dryer operations. They have been replaced with these green jobs at Trinity.

12:18 Tom Vilsack just arrived. He is shaking hands. Drawing a little following as he works the room

Culver shaking hands with a few people about 15 feet. Vilsack just walked past Culver. No handshake.

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