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It’s doubtful that blogging right now makes any sense. It’s doubtful that much of anything makes any sense right now. It’s 3:14am. House Democrats are just coming back from another caucus. This latest gathering kept them behind closed doors for nearly two hours. As we wait to see what they’ve figured out, I thought I would share some random thoughts from what’s become the second near all-nighter here at the Iowa Statehouse (although I must admit I’m fortunate I didn’t work for the first one that lasted until 4:30 Saturday a.m. My brother was in town and I wrongly believed Democratic leaders who said they hoped to finish by the beginning of this month. So I didn’t figure I would have a need to be at the statehouse the last few days. Oops.)

It’s been lightning like crazy outside the building. And the rain is like a monsoon, not that I’ve ever been in a monsoon. The lights dimmed in the house chamber for nearly an hour. They are now back burning brightly, unlike many of the sleep-deprived people in this room. Me included.

There are bodies everywhere. Pages sleeping on the floor. Aides sleeping on benches. Lawmakers dozing at their desk. My pets’ heads are falling off.

I got caught in a near-riot behind the house chamber around 9pm or so. Word circulated that the Dems’ pizzas had arrived. Lawmakers had herded behind for their dinner, only to find out the pizza was no where to be found. The pizzas did arrive a short time later. They smelled great.

Speaking of food…a big thanks to Rep. Scott Raecker’s wife, Martha, for the homemade chocolate chip cookies. She brought dozens of them up here. Scott let press row have some, as well. And they were still warm!

Rep. Christopher Rants just left the house around 3:40a.m. He said he had to drive back to Sioux City for his daughter’s confirmation.

And apparently Bea Arthur died today. Or yesterday. Or maybe it was the day before. Thank you for being a friend, Dorothy.

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