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Positive Press for President

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President Barack Obama is receiving far more positive press coverage than George W Bush and Bill Clinton, according to a new report released from the Pew Research Center.

Also, apparently, Americans are getting tired of all the stories about Michelle Obama’s arms and dresses, the family dog, etc. Pew Research shows more than 50% of Americans say the press is doing too many stories on the personal lives of the Obamas.


  • Anonymous

    The “honeymoon” the MSM is having with the Obamas can’t get over soon enough for me! TOO much press for my taste!

  • Anonymous

    The MSM has a stake in the Obama presidency, they helped him get elected. All they wanted was to get the first black president elected to satify their liberal white guilt. His canned “press conferences” are a joke. Softball questions he doesn’t even answer clearly. Taking pot shots at the tea parties smells of elitism and arrogance. Change we can believe in hah!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Sucks to see a real leader in action, doesn’t it? Someone using common sense and intelligence watching over people, not just corporations. Face it….your party is done.

  • Anonymous

    If the courts would just do their job .We would not have to worry about what obummer is going to do next .he doesn`t even belong in the office of president. I think all involved in putting him in office should be tried for treason.

  • Anonymous

    You’re a genius….

    Seems that just a year ago, Fox news, Hannity, O’Reilly, and Limbaugh claimed that it was treasonous and unpatriotic to criticize the president. Where does that leave them now?

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