John Edwards Subject of Federal Inquiry

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$400 haircuts. Lives in a multi-million dollar mansion while talking about how we need to help the poor. Cheats on his cancer-stricken, terminally ill wife. Oh, and now, he’s the subject of a federal investigation into possible misspending of his campaign funds. Think he’ll ever run for office again?

Here’s the story from the Associated Press:

And this video is just for the memories


  • Anonymous

    Seems like most Politicians have problems along these lines!Myself, I have less and less trust for any of them doing what’s good for our Country!

  • Steve

    Sounds to me like all he is doing is padding his resume. With things like that, Edwards will have a better chance with a populace who already votes in liars and cheats.

  • WonderfullyMadePhotos.Com

    I knew he couldnt be trusted! I didnt believe him when he came out and denied it. I cant believe this guy, he cheats on his cancer stricken wife. Then he goes out and runs for president, and pays his mistress off with money from people who donated to him. !

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