Mariah vs Favre, Greinke vs NASCAR, Hassel vs Hurdles

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  • Bigger diva: Mariah Carey or Brett Favre?
  • I’ve been saying for weeks Favre would end up in a Vikings uniform, partly because he wants to stick it to Packers management, and partly because the Vikes have everything in place for a Super Bowl run, except a pro bowl caliber quarterback. Favre won’t win a Super Bowl in Minnesota, and he’s been bad in the playoffs for years, but he’s the best option available, and it will be fun to watch. We’ll have a good seat for the circus.
  • The best story in baseball is Zach Greinke. I love that he didn’t want to be on the cover of Sports Illustrated, and when they put him on anyway, Greinke predicted it would be the worst seller in a long time. Or at least since SI put NASCAR on the cover.
  • Darryl Strawberry claims he slept with 1,000 women, or as Wilt Chamberlain calls it, a down year.
  • My educated guess is that A-Rod used steroids beyond the admitted years with Texas, but I hope Selena Roberts has more proof than the hearsay and anonymous sources in her book.
  • Love the story of the Cubs’ Bobby Scales. 31 years old, substitute teacher in the off-season, 11 years in the minors, and he finally plays in the Show. This is a script Dennis Quaid would love.
  • Get the NHL teams out of the sun, and back to the cold where they belong. NHL didn’t work in Phoenix? Duh.
  • Ovechkin vs Crosby deserves more viewers.
  • Has Lil’ Kim always looked like that?
  • The reviews for Star Trek are so strong, I may have to go see it. I’ve never been a Trekkie or Trekker or whatever they call themselves, but neither has JJ Abrams, and he directed.
  • Steve Deace says Wolverine sucks. And we know how much Deace loves Wolverines.
  • Get the guest appearance Emmy ready for Michael J. Fox on Rescue Me.
  • Congrats to Chris Hassel for winning an IBNA award for “Outstanding Sports Coverage” for his reporting on Lolo Jones. Goes without saying that did not include the video of Chris running the hurdles.


  • T

    Ovechkin vs Crosby is so fun to watch. I am not an avid hockey fan, but I do attend about 10 Chops games a season. They deserve more viewers. Too bad they couldn’t get them onto NBC sooner as not everbody has Versus. How can you not like a hat trick in the same game from each of them then an overtime thriller the very next game?!

  • Hawkeyemkn

    Gotta love the Greinke story and the Royals so far. Hopefully they can stay hot and keep it up all year and be this years Rays. Maybe we can get 3 mid-west teams in the playoffs, Cubs, Cards and Royals.

    Hockey in HD is great, the NHL needs to promote the heck out of Ovechkin & Crosby. Hopefully the series goes 7 games.

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