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Marshltown Reverse, Face Transplant and By Request

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Good morning and sorry for neglecting you for a few days. We’re experiencing what you might call a surge of activity in our house. I don’t mean to by cryptic, but we may be in for some big changes (no, we’re not pregnant again) soon. So I apologize if I’ve failed the blog.

To the news:
Marshalltown Reverse
So now we know this strain of the flu isn’t as bad as they thought it might be. In fact, what were’ finding out is that they didn’t know much of anything at all. We’ve now started calling this virus H-1 N-1 on the air, in large part because the Govt changed it’s terminology. This morning I got an email complaining that we’d caved, and saying they’d never watch us again.
So you can people some of the people some of the time but you can’t please all of the people all of the time…
Is that the way that one goes?
Anyway, the Marshalltown Schools will reopen tomorrow. That’s a reversal of a previous decision to close schools until the start of the next week.

Face Transplant
Amazing…that’s what I thought about the face transplant doctors performed at a Cleveland Clinic. The before and after photos are shocking. I also have to admire the way the woman faced the process and the prospect of multiple, painful surgery. She’s not done yet, but the applications of this surgery and what they learn really have to potential to make a difference for people who would otherwise live disfigured.

By request
I want to thank some of you who read this daily for your kind notes checking in on my family. We are doing really well. Both of the boys are healthy an, most of the time, happy.
We’re getting ready for our first big road trip….that should be interesting. SO far we’ve only ventured out for a few hours so we didn’t have to feed them. We’re testing boundaries every time we go out though. We kept the boys out long enough to have to feed them Sunday. That meant an entirely different set of supplies to bring on the road. We had a really nice lunch at Gateway out in the Village at Ponderosa. What a great place. I hope they can survive.
These are pictures from that day.

Etiquette Question:
What do you do when someone you don’t know or don’t know very well requests to be a friend on Facebook? You don’t want to be rude, but I’d really like to keep the number of people I communicate with on this thing down as much as possible. So if you ignore the request, they know you don’t want to be friends with them. What if you see them out then? Someone post a solution.
Have a goodone


  • d

    Okay, gotta give a couple comments… just catching up on the morning buzz. The boys are adorable!!

    And Pat, I love some of the things you say, but sometimes I really disagree with you. H1N1 is one of those things. If this were the swine flu, I’d be all for calling it that, but it has components of swine, avian, and human flu, so it is a misnomer to call it the swine flu. It would be like saying everyone who is HIV positive has AIDS. It might develop to AIDS some day, but they are technically not the same thing.

    Anyway, have fun with those boys!!

  • Patrick Dix

    Avian FLu is actually called H5N1..but nobody ever called it that.

    Flu is actually influenza…but nobody ever called it that.
    AIDS is actually Acquired immune deficiency syndrome..but no one calls it that…
    Mad cow is actually Bovine spongiform encephalopathy or BSE for short. Nobody calls it that.
    All of these are knownm by a more common name.
    Also…From Wikipedia:
    “Swine influenza was first proposed to be a disease related to human influenza during the 1918 flu pandemic, when pigs became sick at the same time as humans.[17] The first identification of an influenza virus as a cause of disease in pigs occurred about ten years later, in 1930.[18] For the following 60 years, swine influenza strains were almost exclusively H1N1. Then, between 1997 and 2002, new strains of three different subtypes and five different genotypes emerged as causes of influenza among pigs in North America. In 1997-1998, H3N2 strains emerged. These strains, which include genes derived by reassortment from human, swine and avian viruses, have become a major cause of swine influenza in North America. Reassortment between H1N1 and H3N2 produced H1N2. In 1999 in Canada, a strain of H4N6 crossed the species barrier from birds to pigs, but was contained on a single farm.”

    The article goes on to say transmission from pigs to human is rare with only 12 known cases. And some people think the human body is where the virus mutated before being passed back to pigs.

    If I were a hog farmer or someone connected to the industry, I would want people to call it something else too. The number of things wrong with the way the entire world handled this one is getting larger by the day.
    I don’t disagree the technical name wasn’t used, but we do that so often in so many forms…hard to say this one sticks out.

  • rosorio

    My facebook etiquette is to reject anyone that I can’t trace back or had first knowledge of meeting. Perhaps there should be a fan page of the Morning Buzz or Today in Iowa that people can join instead of your own account.

    There is a book from author John M. Barry titled The Great Influenza. It is a very good book in my opinion. It tells the story of the 1918 pandemic.

  • LJunk

    The boys are adorable. I had twins (Clint & Clara) 4 mo ago and it IS a big deal when leaving the house for more than an hour. It definately feels like you have to pack everything including the kitchen sink! I have come to realize though that you don't need as much as you think. My trick is to carry a couple bottles of water with you in case you need to make more formula but are nowhere near a sanitary water source. If it is a short trip, those containers that carry single servings of formula are great, but for a whole day I use a small can of of those freebee cans from similac or enfamil.
    Anyway, good luck with boys, they grow so fast!

  • lizzy

    Facebook…I had to unfriend my brothers’ adult step-daughter (30’s). It wasn’t enough I needed to explain to her I DID NOT/WANT NOT some of those random quizzes started about me. [I mean, excuse me- how many people think “she did ____what?”)I then had to explain to my friends who saw the quiz and then explain to my family why I felt justifed in unfriending her. I felt like it was being 13 years old all over again. But hmm,I have been in pirate talk on my FB page for the last two weeks. Go figure. :)

    The boys are cute, but your and Sally’s smiles are the best. I remember early on with this blog when you stated you couldn’t see yourself as a dad, yet. Patrick -you wear it well.

  • Sibyl

    I don’t befriend people on facebook unless they are someone I would invite over to my house. If I don’t care to hang out with them I don’t friend them. I don’t click ignore though–I just let it sit there.

  • thumper

    The boys are so cute, and Sally and you look elated.

    I moved to Omaha last fall, and love to come out every day and check the blog. In fact, I get really dissapointed when you don’t blog, but understand how having kids eats up all of your time. I hope your major changes you talked about don’t mean you are leaving. That would be a huge dissapointment.

    Anyway, thank you for blogging when you can, and keep up the good work with the boys!!

  • d

    Sorry, Pat. I was wrong… thanks for the additional info on the flu, although shortening influenza and acquired immune deficiency syndrome to nicknames/acronyms to me doesn’t seem the same as a common name that’s completely different from the scientific name, like the H1N1 vs. swine flu. I thought H1N1 was the actual name of the current varient, not just a scientific name for swine flu.

    Again, thanks for the additonal info!!

  • jerrica-benton

    On facebook you can set up two groups to put your friends in – one for ppl you dont know too well and another for actual friends / family. Then you set up the profile for the ppl you dont know that well so that they cant really see much on your profile – limit the pictures they can see etc.

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