Healthcare, Shuttle and Weekend Road Trip

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Is it 7am yet?
As I write this, it’s the 6:30 half hour and I am barely staying awake. I think the lack of sleep is just catching up with me.
I hope all of you Moms out there had a good Mother’s Day. Sunday we woke up early (the boys and I) so Sally could get a little sleep. We’d spent the weekend in Iowa City. Sally had her last class this weekend to complete her MBA. She graduates next weekend. They had a nice reception and dinner for the grads of the program. I couldn’t be prouder. She deserved the three hours extra sleep…and not just because she’s a new Mom.
After a Mom’s Day breakfast we hit the road back to Des Moines. The boys did great in the car. It gives me hope for a longer trip we’re planning later this spring to Chicago.

To the News:
They couldn’t do it back in the 90’s but now the stakeholders in the Health care debate like the drug companies doctors and hospitals are ready to talk about cost cutting that might help save some money. When I say some…I mean trillions. Ya think this has anything to do with the fact that they see the President with enough votes in Congress to do just about whatever he wants?
We didn’t say it in our story this morning but I think the most fascinating fact about this shuttle mission to the Hubble telescope is the fact that there’s another shuttle waiting on the launch pad for a rescue mission. It should tell you the kind of danger the astronauts are going into that they’ve got this kind of a back-up waiting. Since the Hubble telescope is in a much higher orbit than most shuttles achieve, they’ll have the potential to run into a lot more space junk. it’s not like stuff just bounces off the shuttle when it is going that fast.
Stand Up
Did anyone see the President’s speech at the Correspondents dinner Saturday? He was funny. Watch it on youtube…

A joke that some Dems didn’t like came from golf analyst David Feherty. The CBS commentator wrote an article for D magazine and in it he made some controversial remarks about the Speaker of the House and Senate Majority leaders.
-It’s Bike to work week, please slow down when you see one of these folks on the road.

Finally this morning some of you ask about routine. Mine is getting better. I’m getting the boys up at about 2 after I get ready…feeding them, then getting them back to sleep before I go.

If I can keep them in my head, these are the kinds of pictures I will remember from out middle of the night feedings together.
That’s will on the left…passed out from a food coma…
JT is the pic on the right…he was wide awake this morning. Even as I was leaving. Hopefully he didn’t keep his mom up.
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