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Yard Work, Grilling, QT Connesseiur

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Hello and Happy Monday!

I am not feeling so hot, so this entry will be another short one. Sorry! I’m trying my best to not think about H1N1. The more you hear about it, read about it and think about it the more you can start to convince yourself you might have it. Ugh!

This past weekend Michael and I got some desperately needed yard work done around the house. Our hedges were starting to look pretty ratty and there were tons of leaves sill hanging around the yard. As I was raking I was thinking about the fact that I kill most everything I plant and I really don’t enjoy gardening or yard work. I like being outside and I like working up a sweat but I’d rather do it on a bike or by jogging. I gave up on gardening years ago after our little plot in the backyard started looking like a jungle. Now our neighbors have it filled with all sorts of wonderful things that we can enjoy without doing the hard work. Sweet!

While I may not relish the yard work that comes with spring and summer, I love grilling. There is nothing like fresh food off the grill or out of the smoker. Yum, yum, yum. Michael is definitely the master of the smoker and I’m looking forward to reaping the rewards of his culinary skills as the weather continues to improve.

Speaking of food – do you eat at gas stations? We happen to love Quik Trip. I mean loooooove it. We were at a dinner Saturday night and somehow gas station food came up during the conversation. Everyone at our table was clearly repulsed when Michael and I started raving about QT hot dogs, egg rolls, sandwiches, etc. While it’s true that I will eat virtually anything, it’s also true that I really like QT hot dogs. You can get a wiener, a soda and a bag of chips for $1.99. What a deal! This always makes me think of my best friend Beth, who is the queen of random nuggets of information that I don’t necessarily want or need to know. Beth is disgusted by hot dogs. Once when I was eating one she proclaimed, “Do you know that the FDA allows six rat hairs per hot dog?!?” Lovely. I can tell you that has not stopped me from eating them.

That’s it for now. I think I may pop some aspirin and lie down during my dinner break.
Have a great week!

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