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It’s Friday!

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Good morning. Pat’s off today because his lovely and amazing wife Sally is graduating from University of Iowa this morning. She just completed one of the school’s masters programs and did it while taking care of two newborns. Pretty amazing, huh? I could barely get changed out of my pajamas most days when Evan was first born. Anyway, congratulations to Sally.

The start of the weekend is pretty wet but Jeriann says we have two nice days ahead of us. Sounds like the really good weather comes next week when it is supposed to get up into the 80’s. Something to look forward to.

This morning I brought in donuts to work to celebrate our morning show producer’s birthday. Have you ever been to Quick Trip at 3 am? It’s a really weird experience. I think the manager was looking at me strangely.. wondering why I was dressed up in a suit and shopping for donuts that early in the morning, but he was very nice. I was looking at some of the other people there and wondering why they were either still up… or just getting up. Are they night owls looking for a late night snack… do they work crazy hours like me? I also often wonder what the people I pass on the road are up so early. Your mind works in weird ways when you don’t get sleep, I guess.

The thing I love about Friday is that EVERYONE is in a good mood. I mean, you can always count on Jeriann. She’s always happy. But on Friday, nothing seems to get anyone too upset.
Here are some pictures I took at Tulip Time last week. I went with my friend Gretchen who has a 4 year old daughter. The difference between boys and girls became very, very clear to me while we were trying to navigate the crowds with our kids in strollers. Ava sat there like a perfect angel the whole time, while Evan was trying to unbuckle his seat belt the whole time. He also tried to climb on everything… and pick the tulips. And picking the flowers is a BIG no-no in Pella. Unfortunately he did get away with one… when I was wasn’t looking for 10 seconds. Anyway, the one thing he DID sit still for was the parade. He loved the music and the fire trucks. As always, it was a fun trip.

(Since he IS HALF Dutch… I had to get the hat!)
Hope you get out and enjoy the weather this weekend. We are enjoying a pretty relaxing weekend around the house. The past two weeks have kept us busy, so it will be nice to chill for a while.


  • lorrie

    Channel 13 has got to have the worst meterologists of all the local stations. Everyone of them called this weekend wrong. It is raining right now and cold. What happened to the dry weekend???? Channel 8 called it.

  • C-Marshalltown

    We didn’t have rain in Marshalltown and I was able to get all my flowers planted and my garden in yesterday.

    Brooke, your little guy is really adorable.

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