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Gas Standards,Getting Hosed and DWTS

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Good Morning!
There’s nothing like the smell and the look of a freshly cut lawn. I love it. I don’t always like to cut the grass, but when I’m done I love the way it makes the house look. That’s actually important because we are putting our house on the market. I’m hoping some first time home buyer with an $8,000 tax credit will buy the place. We love our house, our neighborhood, and our location, but it’s becoming increasingly clear that we are going to need more room when these boys start moving around. So we hope we can sell quickly.
To the news:
Gas Standards
The White House is expected to announce new fuel efficiency standards for the Auto Industry today. The bottom line? Auto Fleets will have to average about 35 MPG. That means your cars trucks and SUV’s are going to cost a little more. It also means billions of barrels of oil wouldn’t be used every year…So are you willing to pay a little more for that benefit?

Getting Hosed
If you drive by a gas station this morning you are seeing the same thing every other driver in the country is…higher prices. This always seems to happen right before a holiday. Memorial Day is this weekend. Of Course it is.

School Policy
Des Moines Public Schools is considering a policy that would allow school officials to punish kids for inappropriate behavior…seems OK right? Except, they will be looking on social networking sites like Facebook to find it.
So, say a kid goes to Mexico with his parents on Spring Break, and under the supervision of his parents is in a bar, next to another kid who’s 18 and drinking. If that picture shows up on the Facebook…,the kid could be suspended or even kicked off the baseball team.
Now I am sure the District is going to say…we’d use common sense. How? If a kid is caught doing something the District finds objectionable…even if it has nothing to do with school, even if their conduct wasn’t in any way under the purview of school activities…the school has to act.
And the District won’t have a choice. the complaint against the starting shortstop for the softball team is going to come from the back-up shortstop! What is the District going to do? This is written policy after it passes.
There will be a lot of critics who will say this is the District playing the role of Parent. Someone please tell me how this is not the responsibility of a parent…and not the school District to police what my kid does or does not do when they are outside the supervision of the schools?
I signed an honor code when I was in activities in school. Why is that not enough? If I show up drunk to school, get arrested for underage drinking, or if my parents catch me I get kicked off the team. We’ll see if the Board passes the new policy.

I didn’t get the freestyle dancing last night. First off, mimes freak me out…so I didn’t like Shawn’s costume. Next, it all looked frenetic. I’m sure the judges knew what they were looking at and they liked what they saw…but I like the precision of some of the more traditional dances.
I liked the other two contestants dances even less than Shawn’s…after seeing their effort, Shawn’s was clearly the best.
Anyway, Shawn is tied for the lead. Lets see if all the teen gymnasts around the country texted enough to up her fan vote and push her to the top spot. We’ll have results tomorrow if you can’t stay up or…just don’t want to watch the entire three hours!
Have a good one