Snookie’s, Beam Me Up, Johnny Orr Floor,

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  • Maybe it was all the crappy weather over the weekend, but gosh the sunshine feels good.
  • Is there anything better than Snookie’s ice cream (an Iowa Icon) on a hot day?
  • I can’t wait to see my first I-Cubs game of the year Friday and my first Barnstormers game Saturday. I also need to get to the new Kauffman Stadium in KC. Andy gives it rave reviews, even after buying 2 sandwiches, 2 fries, and 2 beers for $45.
  • The Iowa Speedway just does it right. We had a great time there this past weekend, even though it felt like January at Lambeau Field.
  • Johnston High’s Brett Moffitt doesn’t look old enough to have his license, but the dude can drive.
  • If you ever wondered how much better some older guys can play golf than you, check out the Principal Charity Classic. Not only will the Champions Tour golfers leave you in awe with their skills, it’s a really well run, first class tournament.
  • The new Star Trek is fantastic. I don’t even like Star Trek, and this movie delivered. The chemistry, spark, and tension between young Spock and young Kirk makes the movie. It’s obvious director J.J. Abrams grew up on Star Wars and not Star Trek. People applauded at the end in the theater where I saw it (Cobblestone).
  • I”m happy my young friend, Shawn Johnson, won Dancing With The Stars. Shawn looked so excited, and she told me a long time ago it was her dream to be on the show. I never missed watching Shawn dancie, but I couldn’t get into the rest of the show at all. Not so my mother. She watched each week with two cell phones and the house phone so she could vote more times for Shawn—not making that up. Mom called me in tears when Shawn won.
  • The 30 Rock finale was genius.
  • Mark Cuban needs to remember apologies should be delivered face-to-face whenever possible, not on blogs.
  • NBA finals will be just what the Commish wants: Lakers vs. Cavaliers.
  • Iowa State should honor Johnny Orr with “Johnny Orr Floor” or “Johnny Orr Court” or at least a street out front of Hilton Coliseum. Andy’s Iowa Icon story on Johnny was a reminder of just how much Orr did for not only the Cyclone basketball program, but Iowa State’s identity. Johnny Orr created Hilton Magic and set the stage for higher levels of success by Tim Floyd and Larry Eustachy. He is an Iowa Icon, and he’s earned more than a banner hanging from the Hilton ceiling, though that is a good start. He’s nearly 82. Don’t wait too long.
  • “We’re going to take it one game at a time” was our sports cliche bracket winner when the Des Moines Register’s Bryce Miller took on Andy. The underdog, “We shocked the world”, finished second.
  • Tana Goertz “37th hole” reference has taken on a life of its own.
  • There are new “Big Ol’ Fish” pictures here at Clayton Welch of Prairie City caught this Big Ol’ Bass in a pond. Check out more pictures of ginormous fish here.

Is Brett Favre a Viking yet?


  • John Stossel

    LeBron James is the best player currently playing in the NBA. Kobe fans can shut up now.

  • Kirk Diggler

    Nice show last night Murph. Did you guys huff paint before going on or what? Even Brian “boom goes the dynamite” Collins cringed in pain watching it.

  • Lloyd Bonafide

    Once again I try to record your show and it shuts off early. The menu says 10:35 to 11:05, but the recording shuts off at 10:59.
    I’m sick of this crap, and you all need to fix it, or I’m not going to watch anymore.
    Get it right idiots!

  • Tim + Janice

    Boy, Keith, that’s why I love the way you write…most folks wouldn’t get the Fonz joke, but that’s great stuff…..much like Bill Bryson….

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, the fonz reference, how genius! He should be working at the Funny Bone instead of WOI.

  • Anonymous

    This new Star Trek movie is nothing compared to the “real” Star Trek. Here's an example;

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