Slow News, Ferris House and Sleeping through the night

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Good Morning!
Much of the local news we had this morning had to do with Memorial Day and Parkersburg. We talked about that yesterday so I went out and tried to find a few other topics to write about today.
We’ll update you during the Noon News, but President Obama is set to announce his Supreme Court Nominee today. The news didn’t come down until just after our show.
Interesting…the name bbeing leaked is Sonia Sotomayor. She’s a Bush 41 appointee.
California Ruling
California’s Supreme Court is set to rule on the constitutionallity of the Prop 8 vote. It’s expected the court will uphold the vote that banned same sex marriage, but will hold all of the same sex marriages performed before the ruling are legal.
iPhone Required
We had a story about University of Missouri school of Journalism requiring all students to have an iPhone as of this year. The reason? The school says the reason is twofold. The school wants students to be able to hear lectures again, and it wants it’s stu
Ferris’ House
I know I know…it’s Cameron’s House.
The house made famous by the movie Ferris Bueller’s Day Off is for sale…it’ll only cost you 2.3 million dollars!
I always had a good time bringing people back to Chicago when I was in college. It was fun to take them on the John Hughes tour of homes. They’re not too far from where I grew up. I’ll also admit to stalking Michael Jordan’s house on occasion.
I think they should replace the seller’s description with this:
I used to think that my family was the only one with weirdness in it
Then I saw Cameron’s family.
His home life is really twisted
That’s why he’s sick all the time…It really bothers him
He feels better when he’s sick
If I had to live in that house,I’d pray for a disease, too.
The place is like a museum.
It’s very beautiful and very cold…and you’re not allowed to touch anything
Can you appreciate what it must have been like to be there as a baby?
I’m amazed that I got the car out.
I caught Cameron digging the ride
It’s good for him. It teaches him to deal with his fear
Plus, I must be honest here
I love driving it It is so choice
If you have the means,I highly recommend picking one up
Sleeping through the Night
I asked Brooke and Megan this morning but it appears everyone has a different answer…when do you roll the dice and try to let your kid sleep through the night. I mentioned I am still waking the boys up to feed them in the middle of the night. I enjoy those feedings, but I would also enjoy the extra hour of sleep.
It really surprises me how little information there is about twins on the internet. There are a lot of quack-job forums but not a lot of information I would actually read and feel comfortable following. Maybe that can be my second career. It might be a goldmine with the number of multiple births happening in the US right now.
Have a good one


  • A.

    Most excellent Ferris Bueller reference, Pat. …”Let’s just say that Cameron is so tight, if you stuck a lump of coal up his [rear], in two weeks you’d have a diamond…” :)

    As for the babies.. I don’t have twins, but our pediatrician said while keeping a loose schedule, to let our baby be the driver of the sleep. So if she was feeding in 4-hour intervals, let her sleep until she woke up in the overnight, then try to keep her on 4-hour intervals from there. It’s not exactly something that’s doable for everyone unless one of you guys is staying at home, but it worked for us. Good Luck!

  • Shannon A

    I only have 1 child, but I never woke her up in the night to feed. Her doctor always told me to not wake a sleeping baby. They will wake up when they are hunger. Well, she must have done well, she is turning 3 next month

  • Jason/Lisa

    Pat – my twins are now 5 mo old and I have always let them wake us up at night for feedings. We started to notice they would sleep longer and longer as time went on. Around 3 mo they were going from 8 pm to around 4 am and it only gets better. They will figure it out. We noticed a big difference when we started a night routine. Bedtime bottle around 7:30 and to bed right after that. We also let them put themselves to sleep, we’d lay them down when they started getting sleepy eyed. Don’t worry, they’ll catch on!

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