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Scattershot Thoughts for June 6th

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Since Chris Hassel was willing to openly talk about how much “The Notebook” makes him cry, I’ll say how amped I am to see Coldplay in Des Moines Friday night… Growing up, the two movies that always made me cry were “Brian’s Song” and “The Champ”. As an adult, it’s “Field of Dreams” and “Saving Private Ryan”… George Karl says Jesus couldn’t defend Kobe. That’s silly. Jesus could turn Kobe to stone… The NBA Finals ended after one game. It’s over… Any Bronco fans who defends Brandon Marshall has his or her head buried in the sand… I think Randy Johnson will be the last 300-game winner I see in my lifetime, and I’m hoping I live for a while… Whenever I get a news bulletin from the Des Moines Register, I worry Principal has had to lay off more people… How about Tiger’s chip-in at the Skins with Jack? Awesome… Former I-Cub Randy Wells has pitched well enough to win several times. Welcome to the Cubs, Randy… Kate Hudson & A-Rod? At least Kate doesn’t artificially enhance… All you need to know about some college football fans losing all perspective is that Tennessee’s quarterback reportedly received death threats… I thought the Royals would matter this season. They do when Greinke’s pitching… The #1 auction item request from the Old Yankee Stadium? Urinals… The Phoenix Mercury wearing an ad for Lifelock is the tipping point for a trend we’ll see a lot more of. Heck, when you get right down to it, we already see it in college football with Nike… Nice 2 for 1 coaching deal at Iowa State with Chris Bono joining his friend Kevin Jackson in the wrestling room… Sammy Sosa says he’ll wait patiently for the Hall of Fame. That’s good Sammy, because that wait will end as soon as the Hall opens a wing for strongly suspected steroid cheats… Tony Larussa sues Twitter. I read about that on Twitter (keithmurphy13)…. I’m watching “I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here” to see if Spencer Pratt is as big a D-bag as Hassel says he is. He is. Or he’s a genius… Koko Taylor, Queen of the Blues, died. I saw her at Peoples in Ames 15 years ago. She was great… There’s definitely a double standard for drug cheats in the NFL. It hardly came up when Rodney Harrison retired from the Patriots and joined the NBC Sunday Night Football team… Eric Peterson reports Cael Sanderson tries not to go out when he’s in Ames because of some knucklehead hate from wrong-headed Cyclone fans. Cael delivered 4 national championships, a gold medal, and some class. Be disappointed, but wish him well… Apparently Charles Barkley can say whatever he wants…. LeBron was fined and did apologize. I guess that ends the discussion about whether he was wrong… It’s too early to put your Chops gear on e-bay, but it doesn’t look good. Worst case scenario is a lower league putting a team in WFA. Yuck… Soccer will never pull crowds in America as long as 0-0 games are common (and they are)… Will Ferrell scored all kinds of cool points for me on “Man vs Wild” in the Arctic Circle. He didn’t just do a cameo. He got into it. “Land of the Lost” still looks awful though… I missed Andy on KXnO this week but really had a good time with Chris, Shawn Terrell, and Bryce Miller. Thanks guys…


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