Home Sales, a Holiday Week in My House and A Long Weekend

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Good Morning everyone…
Sorry for the lack of a blog Monday. I was absent, taking a day to recover from what was a VERY long weekend.
Friday just before the Noon news Sally called to say she was on her way to Blank Children’s Hospital to get our son Will into surgery. We’d taken him to the Doctor’s office Friday morning thinking he was spitting up a bit more than we thought was normal. We thought the Dr would tell us we were crazy first time parents. After a short exam he said he wanted to send us to get an ultrasound of his stomach…just to rule out what he called “a total shot in the dark”. Turns out he was right on the money. Showing no classic symptoms he caught a diagnosis of pyloric stenosis. I jumped off the set in the middle of the Noon show (thanks boss!) and got over to Blank to Meet Sally and the boys. The worst part of the weekend was Will not being able to eat for about 12 hours before and eight hours after the surgery. That meant a lot of crying and baby managing for Sally and I…and not a lot of sleep.
Will had the surgery to correct the condition Saturday morning. it took less than an hour and he was back up in the room with us. Saturday and part of Sunday were spent slowly getting his stomach reacquainted with food.
On the continuum of things that can be wrong with your kids…ours was one of the easier things to deal with, but it’s still scary to have your kids cut open, and hard to try to comfort him when you can’t explain what’s going on.
Post-op we have every expectation that he is better than ever and that there will be zero after effects of the surgery. If you or I had this operation it would take us weeks to recover fully. Babies are amazing. Will is really back to his old self already. As I left this morning I peeked over the edge of his crib and he gave me a huge smile. That’s just about the best way to start the day after a hard weekend!
I can’t say enough about the excellent medical care we got at Blank, and the random caring people we met along the way who helped hold the hands of some nervous first time parents.
Thanks Banks Children’s Hospital!

To the news:
Home Sales
As someone who’s home is on the market now…I hope this story is a sign of good things to come. Home sales are up about 20 percent month to month from April to May.
The supreme council of Iran is calling for an investigation of the disputed presidential election. Meanwhile thousands of people continue their protests of the elections. If there were ever an argument that technology, innovation and the global marketplace of ideas is a winning combination for democratic ideas…this is it. The protesters are using twitter, facebook, emails and text messaging to organize rallies. Even the best efforts of the government to shut down all that technology isn’t working.

Should have made his apology the first time around to Gov Sarah Palin. The joke was bad. The second apology seems insincere coming from a guy who tried to defend it a few days ago.
I could care less whether he comes back. As a Bears fan I just love seeing Packers fans and Vikings fans in a twist about this.

Holiday Week
We’re on a 48 hour countdown in my house to the firs tee times of this year’s US Open at Bethpage Black. The master sis a right of spring, I love the tradition of the British Open, and the PGA is always compelling, but no one can bring professional golfers to their knees like the USGA and the US Open. It’s simply the toughest test of golf in the world. The best part is, If I want to practice, get good enough to enter and make it through qualifying …I’m in! It is truly a national championship, and the fact that it’s being played on a Public Golf Course makes it that much better.

I hope you all have a good Tuesday despite the gloomy start.
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