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Rants and Casey’s Pizza

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I wrote earlier today about Christopher Rants filing the paperwork to run for governor next year for the Republicans. Rants was the guest on “Iowa Press”, which taped today. Radio Iowa’s blogger extraordinaire Kay Henderson wrote about the conversation with Rants following the taping. One morsel was especially delicious. Here the sentence she wrote that caught me:

“This campaign is going to be running on Diet Coke and Casey’s pizza and ethanol the whole way,” Rants said.

Two things…Rants famously downed Mt. Dew after Mt. Dew through long statehouse sessions. I thought he had switched to Diet Dew. But Diet Coke? Maybe he really has changed. O.K., fine. Who cares? He also tauted Casey’s pizza. Again, who cares? Well, that pizza is known all over Iowa to be one of the most famous treats at Casey’s General Stores, a chain founded by an Iowan by the name of Don Lamberti, the father of Jeff, another Iowan thinking of running for governor. Chew on that:)

Mr. Rants, just so you know, here is what you are getting from one slice of supreme, (you do want this to be a supreme campaign, right?) according to the Casey’s website:

463 calories
49.6g carbs
53.0mg cholesterol
17.1g fat
2.29g fiber
20.7g protein
961.2mg sodium


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