Rants for Governor

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We’ve heard a half dozen names…maybe more. But former Iowa Speaker of the House/House Minority/House Majority Leader Christopher Rants “tweeted” that he is filing the necessary paperwork to he can start raising the necessary dough to run for governor on the Republican side next year. (Two-time candidate Bob Vander Plaats already filed in January). No surprise. Rants has been traveling all over the state, especially since the legislative session ended. Without the time and job requirements of leadership, Rants has a lot more time to travel these days.

Rants sends out Twitter messages to followers almost daily on his travelers. Here are his last 10 updates:

Todays to do list: 1 File exploratory committee papers 2 Tape IA Press 3 Hit the road & continue listening to Iowans kitchen table co from TwitterBerry

Amazing light show above Hwy 9. I sure hope its east of I35 by the time I get there. from TwitterBerry

“_______” – the City With a Heart… from TwitterBerry

‘Boji bound, speaking to the Pachyderm Club in Spencer. Thought I could listen to the Open on xm146 but its rained out. from TwitterBerry

Starting out the day at the Consevative Breakfast Club, then off to speak to Boys State from TwitterBerry

Last meeting of the day in Boone at “Big G’s Log Cabin Bar-B-Que”. Why aren’t political events ever at Salad Bar Central? from TwitterBerry

This week starts out at 19,874 on the odometer. Off to Ft Dodge this morning. from TwitterBerry

@JoshLederman as I’m driving fr muscatine back to SC tonight I think I either need a dvd in the car, or I gotta start flying… ;-) from TwitterBerry

Good time at Muscatine GOP picnic. Great young family friendly political event. The offer of free kittens was a bit much though. ;-) from TwitterBerry

@Sandy_Greiner as a kid, my dad always called heading for home after a long