Republican Roundup

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I hope this works:) I invited anyone running for governor or just thinking about running for governor in Iowa next year for the Republicans to come on my internet radio show “Purple Matters” this afternoon. Six candidates, or, I should say, “candidates/maybe candidates” accepted. So starting at 4pm central on, you can hear the six of them for the hour. Here’s what I’m after…are they officially running? If not, what will make them pull the trigger to run? And why do they want to run?

We’ll scatter the interviews throughout the hour. Then, at the end of the hour, we’ll talk with Radio Iowa’s political guru/analyst/blogger/news director/reporter O. Kay Henderson about the race plus the financial situation of our state. Governor Chet Culver and State Treasurer Mike Fitzgerald hold a news conference this afternoon at 3:30 to address growing concerns among critics the state ended the fiscal year (June 30th) short on cash. Of course, the state can’t finish in debt according to the constitution.

I hope you’ll join us at 4pm today!