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OK OK…I didn’t blog yesterday…I meant to, but I’ll be honest, it’s been a little bit of an effort trying to recover from taking the boys to Florida…
So, apologies but I will try to catch up on a few things today.
In the News:

An NBC report this morning suggested world leaders may ask the US to pay for another stimulus package. Meanwhile we’re hearing on capitol Hill this morning that the first one is being mis-spent. My first impression of this one is to be a little ticked off. Most of the rest of the world spends a lot of time criticizing the US on any number of issues. When it’s time for a crisis though they’re the first ones with their hands out asking for help. I know that’s an oversimplification…it’s just my first thought when I heard about the request.
So the anticipated circus outside Staples Center didn’t happen. The two hour long service did. I didn’t watch. I saw the clip of Michael Jackson’s daughter later in the day. I said on air this morning, it’s so hard to separate the mis-steps of this mans life from the triumphs of his music. Tragedy is a word that fits really well in all of those contexts.

You can watch for more news on the Tour de France now that Lance Armstrong is basically in the lead. He’s a freak. No doubt about it. It will be one of the most amazing sports stories of the year if he can pull off the win.

So we were off to Florida for a few days last week and into the weekend. We wanted to get down to Long Boat Key to visit Sally’s Grandmother. She’s the only Grandparent either of us have left and we really enjoy spending time with Grandma Penny. Mostly though we just wanted to introduce “GG Penny” to our boys and spend a few days relaxing. Mission accomplished!
Getting there, in this case, was half the battle.
The people we traveled with from Des Moines to St Petersburg and back could not have been nicer!
From the Security people here in Des Moines, to the Allegiant staff at the airport…even the people flying with us were always ready to help in any way they could. We even met a woman who claims to read this blog every day. Thank God someone does!
Anyway we couldn’t have made it…lugging a double stroller, two car seats and two babies through the airport without the help of strangers and the uber-organized woman I married. I make fun of her, but I would be wandering…in many ways without her.
Florida ended up being a reminder of why we love Iowa. We went from a morning of everyone asking if they could help, to a grocery store run in Florida that included people yelling at the guy in the Deli ’cause their turkey wasn’t sliced thin enough! Again, I say, Iowa’s a pretty good place t live.

Rude Deli customers aside, Long Boat Key is a special place for Sal. We’ve been there a few times since we were married and I’ve developed a real appreciation of why she loves it.

We went to lunch at Columbia’s Restaurant (an island institution…try the 1901 salad!) We got some Ice Cream from Kilwin’s and even dipped the boys toes into the Gulf of Mexico.
One of our closest friends drove up from Ft. Meyers and was a great sport about having dinner with us.
Recent Iowa to Florida re-transplants Sean and Mary Sellers came all the way over from the East Coast for lunch one day. Great to see friends!
Sally’s Mom was nice enough to meet us down there and help take care of the boys. It’s always good to have an extra pair of hands. We didn’t get the boys out too much because it was so hot, but it was worth the trip to see the smile on Great Grandma Penny’s face as she played with Will and JT.
So there ya go…hope you all had a good 4th of July.
I More later in the week.

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  • C-Marshalltown

    Just letting you know – there are lots and lots of people who read your blog daily.

    Here at work we all check it out and my neighbors and friends at home as well.

    You definately have quite the following even if you don't always realize it.

    Keep up the good work – the boys look great.

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