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Ragbrai, Heartbreak, and The Weekend

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Good Morning. Hope you had a great weekend.

The Register’s Annual Great Bike Ride Across Iowa…RAGBRAI is underway. I have a secret wish to ride RAGBRAI. My wife nixed the idea of going with me but said I was welcome to go on my own. She’s more of a lounge chair umbrella drink kind of vacationer. I agree, but I’ve never done anything like this. I wonder if I’m up to the task. I know I’ll never run a marathon or do a triathlon…but RAGBRAI I might be able to handle.
Maybe I’ll convince the boys to go with me one day.
We’ll be talking to Michael Morain from the Register all week long. He is on a mission for the perfect piece of pie. He also was interested in the “fainting” goats he found on the side of the road yesterday. I guess people tried to get the goats to “faint. Here’s a video example.

Brad Ehrlich used to work in a Petting Zoo (no jokes please), and says they had a pair of fainting goats. He said you’d just make a loud noise in their general direction and down they’d go!
Anyone ever done this? What’s the best way to make a goat faint?
You never know what you’re going to get on RAGBRAI!

Too bad for Stewart Cink. He’s probably one of the most likable guys in golf and one of the most talented players never to have won a major. His first comes at the expense of 59 year-old Tom Watson. I can’t image anyone not wanting Watson to win. You knew it was coming…the missed putt on 18 was predictable and the six shot loss in the ply-off was understandable. the old guy just ran out of gas. Still, it was one of the more memorable opens in recent history.

The Weekend
It’s as active as I’ve been in a while on the weekend. We went out to dinner to finish up the week-long celebration of my birthday. There is nothing quite as good as a really good meal with really good friends. We had both Friday night.
Saturday morning I was up early for another one of my favorite activities. I played golf by myself. It sounds boring but I love being the first one out on the course. Tournament Club of Iowa is in the best shape I’ve seen it in some time.
Finished the day off Saturday by cleaning the porch and it needed it! Now we can enjoy some of this weather sitting outside.
Sunday another great round of golf with my friend Jeff White. I had a Jekyll and Hyde round. 52 on the front (I was still trying to wake up at 6am) I came back with a 40 on the back…much better.
Pulled weeds for an hour and a half or so and still didn’t get them all, but the backyard looks a lot better this morning! Boy am I sore!
Hope you had a great weekend.


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