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Scattershot Thoughts from July 20th

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  • Smart move by the University of Iowa to extend Kirk Ferentz’s contract through 2015. It won’t keep him in Iowa City if he wants to leave, but it’s looking more and more like this is Kirk’s last job. It’s a good fit.
  • No raise and Ferentz still stands to make a minimum of $21 million. Not to mention 35 hours a year in a private jet. K-Diddy.
  • Jamie Pollard and Iowa State leveraged their top asset, the Iowa football game, to raise money two years ago. You had to buy Cyclone season tickets to see the game in person. I understood it, but didn’t support it. I thought it took too much liberty with the leverage. Conversely, this year’s $99 season ticket fan packs, one which includes the Iowa game, are a great idea at a time when many people could use a break.
  • Terrific new commercial for Iowa State football. Hits all the right notes in the post-Chizik debacle era.
  • Which soap opera lasted longer, Guiding Light or Favre the Viking?
  • Good to see Lolo Jones run the fastest 100 meter hurdle time in the world this year. Lolo needed a confidence boost. She got one in 12.47 seconds.
  • I am sickened by what Michael Vick did, and wonder if any decent person is capable of such cruelty and torture, but I think the NFL should reinstate Vick and see if any team will hire him (I don’t think a team will, at least not this season). Andy thinks the NFL should ban Vick for life. (Be sure to watch Andy’s passionate and well thought out take in the video player on the sports page.)
  • I am really disturbed by the Erin Andrews peephole video taping. It’s such a creepy violation of her privacy, and I can’t imagine how shaken up she is. I hope it doesn’t hurt her confidence or career in any lasting way.
  • I love the Tom Watson story. One of golf’s great appeals is that you can play it competitively for a lifetime. Watson nearly winning the British Open doesn’t weaken or change my opinion of what golf is, and isn’t, at all.
  • Thank you golf fans of Scotland for showing us a tournament free of knuckleheads yelling, “Get in the hole” every time someone swings.
  • I didn’t like “Bruno”. I laughed hard several times, and I think Sasha Baron Cohen is a fearless talent, but I found the movie disturbing, graphic, and, at times, mean-spirited. I’m shocked it wasn’t rated NC-17.
  • On the other end of the spectrum, “High School Musical 2” at the Des Moines Playhouse. My two youngest boys loved it. Wholesome entertainment is most welcome after the Bruno sleaze-fest.
  • Let me get this straight: Nastia Liukin wins the ESPY for Best Female Athlete, but Shawn Johnson wins the ESPY for Best Female Olympian?
  • This weekend, Nastia competes at Vets, while Shawn dances across the street at the Well. What are the odds?
  • After the second episode of the new “Entourage”, I figured out why the critics are beating up the new season. It was one of the weaker offerings ever. I’m hoping Vinny and the boys bounce back.
  • Jeremy Mayfield’s stepmother signs an affidavit she saw him use meth more than 30 times, and his response is, “She’s a whore”. This does not help convince people you’re not on meth.
  • PETA wants an I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter Cow. Good luck with that.
  • The most insightful and fair article I’ve seen on the movement to make Michael Jackson a victim: (Thanks to Ryan in Clive for sending this)
  • I didn’t think a mash-up with Rick Astley and Nirvana could work, but this is oddly fascinating:
  • Congrats to the Barnstormers on making the playoffs. Tickets now on sale. They put on a good show—especially if you have a short attention span.
  • Where was I?
  • I love going to I-Cub games—even when it’s 55 degrees in mid-July.


  • Anonymous

    Great column! Thanks for the link. That guy nailed it. And just when I thought there wasn't anything more to say about Michael Jackson.

  • Anonymous

    I love my cheeseburger as much as the next guy. Even so, I still think that PETA has some good things to say, until they completely undermine their own credibility by advocating for something like an I Can't Believe It's Not Butter cow.

  • Geoff Wood

    I think it's a violation of Andrews' “privacy” not “policy”. Though, now that I think more about it, I am pretty sure she has an unspoken policy of not allowing folks to film her through a keyhole.

  • Anonymous

    Thank you for touching on the idiots who scream “get in the hole” on every freakin golf shot. It is so stupid and tired and I think anyone who yells it should be immediately escorted off the course. I cannot stand watching golf for that very reason.

  • John Stossel

    PETA is a hypocritical organization. They kill animals themselves. In 2008, out of the 2,500+ house pets they took in, they only found adoptive homes for 7 of them. What happened to the others? They were killed, by PETA. Since 1998, PETA has killed over 20,000 house pets. Don't believe me? Here's the documentation:

    Also, they use Disney characters to brainwash kids and turn them aganist their parents for eating meats and such.

    PETA gives people the illusion that if they give their pet up to PETA for adoption, they will find a home for it, when, in reality, there's a 97% chance that it will get euthanized.

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