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Healthcare, Andrews, and Leaves of 3 Let it Be!

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Good morning!
Good posts outa you…especially the last one. I’ll explain in a sec why no post yesterday. I was in fear if my imminent death by insect.
To the News:
I watched the President’s news conference start to finish last night and he had some good moment but I don’t think he went far enough explaining to people how his plan would work or why it’s important. He started to, telling us our premiums are going up and services are being taken away. I agree, but how is this system going to change that? I got the impression they haven’t figured it out.
What I did hear the President say is, if you make $1 million per year…you’re paying for the people who don’t have healthcare. I was encouraged hearing the President say I shouldn’t have to pay for other people’s medical neglect. If you don’t take care of yourself, my premiums shouldn’t go up. Problem being, if you get the government involved, no one has incentive to lower their costs…If I get sick…The Feds will take care of it.
I did have a thought as I watched. Assuming a single payer system is coming (they’ve got the votes), why not treat it like the Pentagon. Bid Healthcare out to Private companies. Make them compete for a broad range of contracts and services that might meet the needs of people in certain categories. Once a Private company secures the contract, I can buy into it along with other Americans who are generally in the same health category as I am. There may be a cheaper option in a better health classification. If I, the consumer meet some sort of incentive, I can move up to the better plan. That way we don’t actually have the government running healthcare, just administering a system. The Docs, Hospitals, Insurance companies, can compete and innovate, and can still be rewarded winning contracts that would come up every three or four years. The pretenders will fall away, and a niche provider can still make it in the marketplace.
Please pick apart my ideas.
Erin Andrews
Nude Video surfaced of ESPN sideline reporter Erin Andrews this week. Some perv recorded her in her hotel room and slapped it up on the Internet. So this is a clear violation of her privacy and the people who took the videos should be prosecuted. When you take a job on TV your life certainly becomes more public. This crosses the line. I hope everyone who downloads the video gets Malware on their computer.
Christine Brennan…a well respected female sports reporter for USA Today caused a big stir when she sent a tweet out yesterday. Some people thought it suggested Andrews deserved this! Does she? if you use your looks to advance your career is this fair game. Please tell me you think NO is the answer there.
Leaves of 3
So I didn’t blog yesterday cause I thought I was going to die. After a weekend wandering in the woods looking for golf balls, I found what I thought was a spider bite on the back of my arm. Someone suggested it might be a Brown Recluse Spider that bit me so spent the Noon show thinking my arm was going to decay and an enormous hole was going to appear in my upper arm right after I slipped into a coma.
The doctor eased my fear telling me I’d simply wandered into some poison Ivy or Oak or Sumac. My wife said this would teach me to hit it straight. I replied, No, it’s going to remind me to ear long sleeves and pants next time.

One more thing, we saw three of our baby rabbits in the front yard last night. They all look good and confirm for us, their mom didn’t go far.

Hope you have a good day.


  • titleist755

    The dirty little secret is that EVERYONE has access to “healthcare”. The discussion is not about healthcare. It is about health coverage. Not one person in the country can be denied healthcare if they need it. There is no “emergency”. Why in the world would is it going to cost me money to pay for your health? It is not the responsibility of people who make $10 or $10 million a year to fund someone else's health. The rush to get this done is to make sure that the folks, like you and I, don't know what is in this bill. No one has read it. It will make the single payer system the only system available over time. Is that what you want? It will also not allow your insurance to be portable if you change jobs. You will be forced into the government system. The “crisis” is made up and I am sick of Washington telling me what I can and can't do. The niche provider you mention is the federal government. They will be the only one left standing at the end of this. All you will have is less coverage, higher taxes, and a bureaucrat deciding if you get the red pill or the blue pill. Hope and change………I don't think so!

  • A.

    Try Zanfel next time you're exposed to poison Ivy/Oak/Sumac. Not kidding – it WORKS!

    We have a wooded lot and I've tried Calomine, TecNu and everything else out there and it's the only thing that worked for me. Good luck – and in the meantime hope you can keep it on the green :)

  • abc123

    Well now my curiosity is REALLY piqued on the Mark Tauscheck front too, with 2 comments and no blog today! Guess we'll have to wait till Monday?

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