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Good Morning,
Before the conspiracy theories start…I wasn’t ignoring the question about Mark. He did announce he’s leaving Television for a Job with Catholic Charities.
I know Brooke and Jeriann share my disappointment he’s leaving, and my wishes for his success.
Along with being the most talented writer I’ve ever worked with, Mark is also one of the best people to have around the newsroom. He helps keep the atmosphere light and is always willing to help a colleague. Personally, people who know Mark know he’s one of the kindest people you’ll ever meet. We will miss him.

On to other Topics:
-We just got a report back into the newsroom about another accident involving a pedestrian and a DART bus. We’ll have more on this as the week continues, but you have to ask yourself….what’s going on?
-Why are some members of Congress trying to prove they can pass this Healthcare reform by the end of the summer? It would appear Americans are in no hurry for the change. I would think you could still make the case for changes as quickly as is responsible without letting the issue go entirely.
-High Speed Rail between Council Bluffs and Chicago is a great idea…but only if the train makes as few stops as possible. I’m thinking Council Bluffs to Des Moines…To Newton (Has to stop for race fans), to Iowa City to The Quad Cities, to DeKalb (Nothern Illinois University) to Chicago. If you did this the ride to Chicago would be considerably shorter than driving and if it’s cost effective, it would be a much less stressful trip that flying. Speaking of, watch the fares to Chicago drop if the airlines have to compete with trains.
-School Board may be the most thankless job in the elected world, but the people who sit on that board control a large portion of the money that you pay in property taxes. Rather than treating this like a throw away election , more people should really get to know the people running for office.
-If someone is dying of cancer and a little marijuana can ease their pain before dying, and a doctor signs off on that treatment, tell me why it’s a bad idea? I wouldn’t endorse shops selling pot poppin up all over the place, but if a pharmacy can doll out Vicidin, why not marijuana? I’m honestly asking your opinion on this stuff.
-Someone lay out the etiquette for me. When is the appropriate time to wear the Blue tooth Headset. If you wear it all the time you’re “that guy”. So important he needs to be connected with the world around him all the times and at a moment’s notice.
Also he looks a little like a character off an early Star Trek episode.
If you keep the thing in your pocket….it can get lost or broken, to say nothing of the fact that you can’t get the thing on your ear and answer it in time if the stinking phone rings. So someone tell me what the rules are.
-Great weekend…
I had a chance to play golf with friends Saturday I haven’t seen in a long time…too long.
– We went to a wedding Saturday night for two friends. Always nice to have a reminder of your own wedding day. Nice to be reminded of the promises you made to one another. The boys came with. First wedding. No crying until everyone started clapping at the end. JT startles easily.
-Sunday morning we had brunch: Pancakes and bacon. Spent the day with the boys and Sally before BBQ for dinner….Great day.

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  • dsmbucky

    I'm late at responding – but just want to let you know that I do “watch” the blogs as time permits.

    Catholic Charities two thumbs up!!
    Blue Tooth – two thumbs down – whenever.
    TRUE High Speed Rail – with a predictable time frame – would be one thumb up.
    DART bus drivers – just feel sad for them – pedestrians downtown do NOT pay attention – and if they have their blue tooth in – forget it.

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