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Good morning! Hope everyone gets out to enjoy the perfect forecast for the day. It’s another day with some random thoughts rolling around in my head…and some interesting stuff I’ve seen online already.

-If a Healthcare bill passes before the end of the year and it has a lot of “compromise”; did the President plan it that way…oversell the deadlines to motivate people and expect something less than Universal healthcare? Or, is this a victory for Republicans, reflecting the more conservative tendencies of the American electorate when it comes to spending money?

-If you are a public figure or have taken any oath to hold your job, you are going to be held to a higher standard. The problem is, when people take some of these jobs they come with some power. It’s power that makes people feel they no longer have to follow the rules, and can sometimes lead to bad decision making.

-If you ask me Colin Powell is an unimpeachable voice in American Politics. Discredit the guy all you like…I’m going to listen to the former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Former Secretary of State and an African American who’s lived through discrimination and succeeded. As usual, he’s said it right…both sides in the arrest of Prof Henry Gates should have found a way to back down and resolve the situation before it escalated.

Tanning beds bad for you? Who saw that one coming???
Who knew putting yourself in the equivalent of an Easybake Oven would be bad?
I did…that’s why I still have like 20 hours of tanning on an account my roommate convinced me to open in Peoria. That’s 50 bucks I’ll never see again.

This is another great article on the “Birthers” as they’re being called. Bad nickname. I’d drop the conspiracy theory just so people would stop calling me a “birther”.

-Bret Favre is not going top play for Minnesota this year…Really.
Thanks for giving Bears fans one more reason to Laugh at Minnesota and Green Bay.

-My golf trip is intact. We’re going to Orlando later in the year. Let me first say my wife saved this one for me and she continues to be the BEST WIFE EVER. I ave to give some props to the junior wives of this group. Many of them have also just delivered their first kids and are knee deep in diapers and burp cloths. They’re still letting their husbands participate in this five day golf marathon we go on every year and I am grateful. I imagine this year’s trip may have a slightly different tone. Sleep will be a priority.


  • abc123

    Good blog today Pat-couple of “scattershot thoughts” (yep, stole that from Keith):
    -I assume you are referring to a particular state representative and his night of mayhem. Bad decision making, yes. My question is, how can his lawyer possibly twist what was caught ON CAMERA as a misunderstanding/misleading of what he said (He said he had been drinking with the governor? He thought he shouldn't have been arrested?) I'm sure his lawyer will find a way to get him out of this-and actually, this sounds like a case for one Alfredo Parrish…haven't heard anything from him in a while.
    -In another “how in the world” category…my mind is boggled by the fact that the 4 Iowans in the dog fighting case have pleaded not guilty. Say what? How does THAT work?
    -One more thing on the “birthers”. Where exactly do they think President Obama was born? I've read they don't buy his Hawaii birth certificate as legit, but. I've never heard where they think his birth took place.I also read some think that because his father was not a citizen, he can't be either. Were they paying attention during 8th grade civics?!?

    Hope your poison ivy is gone!

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