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My wife and I are getting ready to head out Monday on my first-ever trip out of the country. We will fly to Paris for a few days, then take a train to Venice, where we’ll spend about a week on a tour of Italy. Can’t wait! So I doubt I will have much access to the blog for a while. I leave you with some questions that I have in my head, wondering how many, if any, will get answered by the time I get back in two weeks. Here we go…

Will Terry Branstad announce he will run again for Governor of Iowa?
Will any Republicans thinking about running decide against it, because of Branstad?
Will the Iowa State Fair break last year’s attendance record, thanks to staycations?
Or will the crummy economy keep out-of-staters away and keep Iowans away from Des Moines?
Will a possible 2012 presidential candidate announce plans to visit the Iowa State Fair?
Will Waterloo State Rep. Kerry Burt get charged in the tuition scandal at the Price Lab at UNI?
Will he resign his position in the legislature?
Will any Democrats call for his resignation?
Will the Iowa Democratic Party Chairman Michael Kiernan say anything about the Burt situation?
Will President Obama acknowledge he will raise taxes on the middle class to pay for his health care reform or will it turn out advisers just raised that possibility to make people feel better when he doesn’t do that?
Will Congress reach some agreement on health care reform?
Will my Cardinals still be at the top of the standings?
Which will I like more…France or Italy:)

See you in two weeks.

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  • Anonymous

    Hey, Dave you got married? Well congrats, I did lose a little money on that one though. Anyway, When you get back, I think its time to add me to the Price of Politics as a weekly reporter as my old team the cards, make a run to the World Series again. I even have a name for my Blog, “All BULL”. Let me know what you think, and hey bring me back a T shirt from the Louve. Sincerely, Leon The “Bull” Durham.

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